South Korean flour mills on Thursday, October 27, bought about 50,000 MT of US milling wheat, 50,000 MT Australian wheat and 28,000 MT of Canadian wheat.

The US purchase involved soft white wheat (8.5-11% protein content) bought at 340.43-341.74 $/mt fob, hard red winter wheat (11.5% protein) at 412.01-412.22 $/mt fob and dark northern spring wheat (14% protein) at 403.83-404.03 $/mt fob for January 16-February 15 shipment.

The Australian purchase involved Australian standard white wheat at about 375 $/mt fob and Australian hard wheat at about 405 $/mt fob for February 1-28 shipment.

28,000 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat (13.5% protein) was bought at 382.59 $/mt fob for January 16-February 15 shipment