- Feb 18 - Turkey's TMO seeks 250,000 MT of red milling wheat for March 5-20 shipment and 50,000 MT of durum wheat for March 1-20 shipment

- Feb 11 - Jordan seeks 120,000 MT of optional-origin hard milling wheat

- Feb 10 - Algeria's OAIC seeks at least 50,000 MT of optional-origin milling wheat for April shipment. Tender deadline is Feb 10, with offers remaining valid up to Feb 11

- Feb 5 - Three flour mills in South Korea bought an estimated 99,200 MT of milling wheat from the US (72,100 MT) and Canada (27,100 MT):

  • Daehan Flour Mill bought some 45,000 MT of US wheat of various types from United Grain Corp for April 1-20 shipment;
  • Sajo-DongAOne mill bought 27,100 MT of US wheat of various types from United Grain Corp for April 20-May 20 shipment;
  • CJ Cheiljedang mill bought about 27,100 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat at about 252.33 $/mt fob from Cargill for April shipment

- Egypt has extended its imported wheat moisture limit specifications of 13.5% by one year to April 2021

- Algeria has given preliminary approval on Russian wheat after conducting tests

- France exported 1.8 MMT of soft wheat in December, the sixth month of the 2019/20 marketing season, including 1.2 MMT of soft wheat shipped outside the EU (incl. 504 TMT to Algeria, and 233 TMT to China). Cumulative French soft wheat exports in July-December reached 8.9 MMT, up 16% from the same period last year. Shipments outside the EU were up 19% at 5.2 MMT

- IKAR lowered its Russian wheat export forecast for 2019/20 from 33.5 MMT to 32.9 MMT, but warned that factors like China's coronavirus could hold shipments to less than 32 MMT


- Feb 12 - Jordan seeks 120,000 MT of optional-origin feed barley for May-June shipment

- Feb 12 - Japan seeks 120,000 MT of feed wheat and 200,000 MT of feed barley in a simultaneous buy and sell (SBS) auction

- Feb 7 - China sold 1,078,182 MT of corn from state reserves, or 36.45% of the offered amount (2.958 MMT), at average price of 1,919 RMB/mt

- Feb 5 - South Korea's KOCOPIA bought 60,000 MT of US corn from CJ International at 221.82 $/mt c&f for April 25 arrival

- Jan 30 - Algeria's OAIC bought 150,000 MT of optional-origin feed barley at around 214-216 $/mt c&f for February 16-29 shipment

- Indonesia may import up to 200,000 tonnes of corn this year for use in animal feed


- Feb 11 - South Korea's NOFI seeks about 35,000 MT of animal feed meals for March-April arrival: 13,000 MT of palm kernel expellers, 14,000 MT of copra meal and 8,000 MT of corn gluten feed

- China's finance ministry said that starting on Feb 14, additional tariffs levied on some goods will be cut to 5% from 10% and others lowered to 2.5% from 5%

- Surveyor AmSpec Agri Malaysia estimated Malaysia's Feb 1-10 palm oil exports at 364,456 MT down 20% from a month ago

- Surveyor SGS estimated Malaysia's Feb 1-10 palm oil exports at 323,341 MT down 29.4% from a month ago

- MPOB estimated Malaysian crude palm oil production in Jan at 1.166 MMT, below the average expectation of 1.214 MMT and down 12.6% from 1.334 MMT in Dec. Malaysia's palm oil stocks at end of Jan fell 12.7% from the previous month to 1.755 MMT, the lowest since June 2017, below the average market expectation of 1.76 MMT. Malaysian Jan palm oil exports fell by 13.2% to 1.214 MMT, below the average expectation of 1.282 MMT