- Jan 14 - Turkey's TMO seeks 550,000 MT of red milling wheat for Jan 21-March 8 shipment and 100,000 MT of durum wheat for Jan 25-Feb 25 shipment

- Jan 7 - Jordan seeks 120,000 MT of optional-origin hard milling wheat for May-June shipment

- Ethiopia bought 400,000 MT of wheat in tender which closed on Nov 25 from GemCorp at prices ranged from 221.31 to 225.45 $/mt c&f. Also they bought 200,000 MT of wheat in tender which closed on Nov 26 from APlus

- Morocco suspended customs duty on soft wheat from Jan 2 to April 30 to ensure a regular supply and avert price hikes on the domestic market, the duty was at 35%


- Jan 7 - Indian trading company MMTC seeks 50,000 MT of non-GM yellow corn for shipment by February 10, 2020. The tender closes on January 7 and offers must remain valid until January 15

- Dec 27 - Taiwan's MFIG bought 65,000 MT of Argentina corn from ECTP at a premium of 156.75 USc/bushel c&f over the Chicago July 2020 corn contract (about 220 $/mt, c&f) for March 26-April 29 shipment


- Dec 30 - Egypt’s GASC bought 10,500 MT of sunflower oil at 857 $/mt c&f (with facilities 180 days) from Aston for Feb 5-20 arrival, but made no purchase of soybean oil

- India has cut import taxes on crude and refined palm oil from Southeast Asian countries after a request from suppliers. The duty on crude palm oil was lowered to 37.5% from 40%, while a tax on the refined variety was cut to 45% from 50%

- Surveyor AmSpec Agri Malaysia estimated Malaysia's Dec 1-31 palm oil exports at 1,349,224 MT down 4.9% from a month ago

- SGS estimated Malaysia's Dec 1-31 palm oil exports at 1,325,201 MT down 6% from a month ago