Global exports of sunflower oil will fall by 1.1 mln. mt in May-August 2019 to about 3.7 mln. mt according to exclusive data AgroChart.

Imports to India will fall by 0.5 mln. mt, while exports from Ukraine will fall by 1.3 mln. mt, due to active world trade in September-April 18/19 (6.2 mln. mt, +1.4 (+ 30%) mln. mt to 17/18MY).

The limited supply of Ukrainian sunflower oil in May-August 2019 supports prices.

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Actual export-import since the beginning of the season - MYTD Export/Import (AgroChart) - is based on official data for all countries for the period September-February 2018/19 and on line-up for the March-April 2019.