- May 10 - Bangladesh seeks 50,000 MT of optional origin milling wheat, 12.5% protein, for shipping within 40 days of the signing of the contract

- Apr 19 - Algeria's OAIC bought around 200,000-220,000 MT of optional-origin durum wheat at around 290-293 $/mt c&f for July shipment

- US wheat export inspections for week, ending Apr 19, recorded 619,251 MT, topped trade expectations (350-550 TMT). Inspections for 2017/18 are running 9.7% behind of year-ago

- USDA rated 31% of the US winter wheat crop in good to excellent condition as of April 22, unchanged from prior week but behind analysts' forecasts for 32%, also down vs. 54% a year ago

- Morocco's Ag Min forecasts this year's grain harvest will be around 9.82 MMT (incl. 4.81 MMT of soft wheat, 2.28 MMT of durum, 2.73 MMT of barley) compared to the 9.54 MMT (incl. 4.89 MMT of soft wheat, 2.19 MMT of durum and 2.46 MMT of barley) crop last season

- Libya will have to cover its 2018 grain consumption needs of around 1.2 MMT almost entirely by imports but hopes to boost production from the next harvest

- China's March 2018 wheat imports down 42.3% on year to 289,522 MT, incl. 149,849 MT from Australia, 73,450 MT from US and 48,144 MT from Kazakhstan. China's Jan-Mar wheat imports fell 47.3% on year to 563,267 MT

- Kazakh farmers planted 302,800 ha of spring cereals crops as of April 24 vs. 238,600 ha a year ago


- Apr 23 - Argentina registered 317,500 MT of corn for export

- US corn export inspections for week, ending Apr 19, reported 1,719,025 MT, topped market expectations (1.2-1.7 MMT). Inspections for 2017/18 are running 20.3% behind of year-ago

- USDA said the US corn crop was 5% planted by April 22, behind an average of trade estimates for 7% and compared to 15% last year and a 14% five-year average

- Some of China’s sorghum importers have asked the government to waive the anti-dumping deposits on US exports for cargoes that are already on their way to the nation

- A vessel carrying 69,842 MT of sorghum from the US bound for China has switched its destination to Dammam, Saudi Arabia

- China imported 62,830 MT of corn in March, up 1094% on year (5,262 MT in Mar 2017), incl. 52,500 MT from Ukraine. China's Jan-Mar corn imports rose 81.6% on year to 557,346 MT

- China's March 2018 barley imports rose 21.8% on year to 863,287 MT, incl. 777,210 MT from Australia. China's Jan-Mar barley imports fell 12% on year to 1.921 MMT


- Apr 24 - USDA announced export sales of 130,000 MT of US soybeans for delivery to Argentina during 2017/18 (60 TMT) and 2018/19 (70 TMT)

- Apr 26 - Egypt's GASC seeks 10,000 MT optional-origin sunoil and 30,000 MT soyoil for July 1-15 arrival

- US soybean export inspections for week, ending Apr 19, reported 470,817 MT, within trade estimates (300-600 TMT). Inspections for the 2017/18 marketing year are running 12.5% behind of year-ago

- USDA said 2% of the US soybean crop was planted as of April 22, matching market forecasts and compared to 5% last year and a 2% five-year average

- China imported 5.662 MMT of soybeans during March, down 10.5% from year-ago (main suppliers: US (3.1 MMT), Brazil (2.333 MMT), and Russia (150,651 MT)). China's Jan-Mar soybean imports rose 0.2% on year to 19.567 MMT

- China's March soybean oil imports fell 67.1% from year-ago levels to 8,882 MT. China's Jan-Mar soy oil imports decline 63% on year to 34,041 MT

- China's March rapeseed imports down 15.5% on year to 250,034 MT, incl. 225,594 MT from Canada. China's Jan-Mar rapeseed imports fell 21.2% on year to 984,947 MT

- China's March rapeseed oil imports decreased by 41.5% on year to 53,665 MT, mainly from Canada (47,315 MT). China's Jan-Mar rapeseed oil imports fell 20.1% on year to 200,652 MT

- China's March rapeseed meal imports rose by 87.5% on year to 109,795 MT, mostly from Canada. China's Jan-Mar rapeseed meal imports rose 46.3% on year to 297,848 MT

- China's March palm oil imports up 27.1% on year to 479,718 MT (main suppliers: Indonesia (347,390 MT) and Malaysia (132,196 MT)). China's Jan-Mar palm oil imports rose 5.5% on year to 1.321 MMT

- GAPKI estimated Indonesia's February exports of palm oil and palm kernel oil at 2.37 MMT, down 13.5% from the previous month and down 6.3% compared to Feb 2017