- Oct 17 - Ethiopia seeks around 400,000 MT of optional-origin milling wheat for Nov-Feb shipment

- Oct 16 - Mauritius seeks 52,825 MT of optional-origin wheat flour for Jan-Dec 2018 shipment

- Oct 11 - Jordan seeks 100,000 MT of optional-origin hard milling wheat for Jan-Feb shipment

- Oct 6 - Importers in the Philippines purchased around 165,000 MT of feed wheat from Black sea region at around 212-214 $/mt c&f for Dec-Feb shipment

- UN recently bought 40,000 MT of Ukrainian wheat for donation to east Africa and Yemen

- USDA attaché raised its estimate of Indian wheat production in 2017/18 to a record 98.38 MMT (87 MMT in 2016/17). 2017/18 imports forecast was lowered to 3 MMT (5.9 MMT in 2016/17) on expected weak local wheat prices

- France exported about 1.39 MMT of soft wheat in August, the second month of the 2017/18 marketing season, more than the 1.16 MMT exported in July. France exported 775 TMT of soft wheat outside the EU in August (incl. 536 TMT to Algeria), with Jul-Aug 2017/18 France's soft wheat shipments outside the EU at 1.24 MMT, up 4% on the year-earlier period. Total French soft wheat exports, including shipments within the EU, so far this season were up 28% at 2.55 MMT (2 MMT in Jul-Aug 2016/17)

- Egypt ordered sieving of French wheat cargo that had been halted for containing poppy seeds. A decision on whether to re-export the cargo will be made after it is sieved

- Iraq plans to grow around 1.6 million hectares of wheat during the 2017/18 farming season, down from 1.8 million ha grown last year. They are hoping to harvest around 3.65 MMT of wheat. Iraq needs an annual wheat supply between 4.5 and 5 MMT

- Bangladesh is set to import a total of 250,000 MT of rice from Thailand (150 TMT at 465 $/mt CIF liner out) and India (100 TMT from PEC at 455 $/mt CIF liner out) in intergovernmental deals


- Oct 10 - Jordan seeks 100,000 MT of optional-origin feed barley for Jan-Feb shipment

- Oct 9 - China failed to sell corn from state reserves; at the auction was offered 136,654 MT (127,598 MT domestic produce; 9,056 MT imported)

- France exported 508 TMT of barley in August (incl. 179 TMT to Saudi Arabia), bringing total French barley exports in the first two months of the season to 783 TMT, down 22% on the year-earlier period (1 MMT in Jul-Aug 2016/17)


- Oct 2 - Iran is not believed to have made any purchase in its international tender to buy 200,000 MT of soymeal

- Safras & Mercado said Brazilian soybean crop was 5.6% planted as of Oct 6 vs. 10.4% a year ago and vs. 5.3% five-year average

- GAPKI estimated Indonesia's August exports of palm oil and palm kernel oil at 2.98 MMT, up 24% from the previous month (2.4 MMT in July) and up 44% compared to August 2016 (2.07 MMT)