- Sept 28 - Algeria's OAIC seeks at least 50,000 MT of optional-origin milling wheat for December shipment

- USDA said the US winter wheat crop 24% planted as of Sept 24, matching analysts’ expectations, but below last-year's (28%) and 5-year average (28%)

- State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection said the country exported almost 10 MMT of grain between July 1-Sept 25, 2017/18 vs. 10.2 MMT for the same period last season, including:

  • wheat – 5.6 MMT (vs. 6.5 MMT a year ago);
  • corn – 1.2 MMT (0.5 MMT);
  • barley – 3.0 MMT (3.1 MMT)

- Sept 26 - China sold 20,293 MT of wheat from state reserves or 0.9% of the offered amount (2,169,447 MT) at auction at average price of 2,366 RMB/mt (357 $/mt)

- Sept 26 - China auctioned 2,590 MT of imported wheat from state reserves, or 2% of the offered amount (130,152 MT) at average price of 2,519 RMB/mt (380 $/mt)

- China's August wheat imports down 20.3% on year to 277,000 MT. China's Jan-Aug wheat imports rose 29.3% on year to 3.141 MMT (1.494 MMT from Australia and 1.19 MMT from the US)


- Sept 26 - Jordan has made no purchase in an international tender for 100,000 MT of optional-origin feed barley

- Sept 26 - China sold 22,721 MT of corn from state reserves, or 11% of the offered amount (207,141 MT), at average price of 1,290 RMB/mt (195 $/mt)

- USDA rated 61% of the US corn crop in good-to-excellent condition as of Sept 24, unchanged from the previous week, but down compared to 74% a year-ago. USDA estimated 11% of the US corn crop had been harvested, behind of analyst forecasts of 14%, also below last year’s pace (14%) and 5-year mean of 17%

- China has pushed back the deadline on a new rule that would have tightened food import regulations by two years. The regulation that was set to take effect this week would have required all food imports to carry health certificates, even if the product is low-risk

- China imported 377,518 MT of corn in August, up 1321.9% year on year but down from last month's 913,583 MT. China's Jan-Aug corn imports fell 31.5% on year to 2.026 MMT (1.434 MMT from Ukraine and 528,124 MT from the US)

- China imported 8,161 MT of distillers' dried grains (DDGS) in August, down 60.8% from July and down 98.4% from a year-ago. China's Jan-July DDGS imports fell 84.7% on year to 371,174 MT

- China ethanol imports in August fell 89.3% year on year to 4,095 cubic metres, but were up from 288 cubic metres in July. Meanwhile China's August ethanol exports surged over eight-fold to 17,045 cubic metres

- China's August barley imports rose 64.1% on year to 781,669 MT. China's Jan-Aug barley imports rose 98.9% on year to 6.02 MMT (5.073 MMT from Australia, 868,521 MT from Canada and 68,369 MT from Ukraine)

- China imported 259,892 MT of sorghum in August, down 47.6% from a year-ago. China's Jan-Aug sorghum imports fell 23% on year to 3.838 MMT (3.622 MMT from the US and 214,456 MT from Australia)

- Syngenta AG has agreed to pay close to $1.5 billion to resolve lawsuits stemming from its decision to commercialize a genetically modified strain of corn before China approved importing it


- USDA rated 60% of the US soybean crop as good-to-excellent as of Sept 24, up 1% point from the previous week but below compared to 73% a year-ago. USDA estimated 10% of the US soybean crop was harvested, ahead of last year’s pace (9%), but behind of analysts' forecasts (11%) and below 5-year mean of 12%

- China imported 8.448 MMT of soybeans during August up 10.1% from year-ago. China's Jan-Aug soybean imports rose 15.9% on year to 63.337 MMT (36.912 MMT from Brazil and 19.742 MMT from the US)

- China's August soybean oil imports fell 19.6% from year-ago level to 74,977 MT. China's Jan-Aug soy oil imports rose 35% on year to 511,736 MT (298,300 MT from Brazil, 82,953 MT from the US and 67,380 MT from Russia)

- China's August rapeseed imports fell by 25.8% on year to 318,288 MT. China's Jan-Aug rapeseed imports rose 21.5% on year to 3.358 MMT (3.242 MMT from Canada)

- China's August rapeseed oil imports rose by 62.5% on year to 43,272 MT. China's Jan-Aug rapeseed oil imports increased 28.7% on year to 583,087 MT (539,587 MT from Canada)

- China's August rapeseed meal imports totalled 87,873 MT, up by 69.6% on year. China's Jan-Aug rapeseed meal imports rose 185.5% on year to 641,602 MT (611,564 MT from Canada)

- China's August sunflower oil imports down 34.5% on year to 70,925 MT. China's Jan-Aug sunflower oil imports fell 28.2% on year to 467,017 MT (358,732 MT from Ukraine and 80,584 MT from Russia)

- China's August palm oil imports rose 3.8% on year to 418,570 MT. China's Jan-Aug palm oil imports totalled 2.797 MMT, up 7.5% on year (1.746 MMT from Indonesia and 1.05 MMT from Malaysia)