- Aug 9 - Jordan bought 50,000 MT of optional-origin hard milling wheat from Ameropa at 221.5 $/mt c&f for Dec 1-15 shipment

- Aug 9 - Argentina registered 36,000 MT of wheat for export

- UN recently bought 25,000 MT of Black Sea wheat, likely from Bulgaria or Romania, for donation to eastern Africa for Sept 1-20 shipment

- Farmers in Bulgaria harvested 5.476 MMT of wheat as of Aug 3, up 4.1% from last-year stage, with yields at 5.24 mt/ha, 9.9% higher than a year-ago. Bulgaria raised its forecast of 2017 wheat crop to a record high 5.85-5.95 MMT from 5.2 MMT early and vs. 5.66 MMT last year. Also quality of Bulgarian wheat this year is better than in 2016

- Bulgaria's Ag Min said Bulgaria exported 249,978 MT of wheat via port Varna between July 3-Aug 6, 2017/18, down 28.1% from a year-ago (347,858 MT)

- France's 2017 wheat crop was showing very good protein content (above 12%, well above the 11% average seen in France in recent years) while other quality specifications appeared adequate to meet market needs

- Kazakh farmers harvested 1.624 MMT of all grains as of August 10, up over 1.57 MMT a year ago. Yields totalled 2.04 mt/ha down from 2.18 mt/ha a year ago


- Aug 9 - Taiwan’s MFIG has rejected all offers and made no purchase in a tender to buy up to 130,000 MT of Brazilian, US or Argentine corn for Oct-Nov shipment, citing on too-high prices

- Aug 9 - Japan bought 6,650 MT of feed grain (350 MT of wheat and 6,300 MT of barley) for January 31, 2018, arrival via SBS-tender. New SBS tender for 120,000 MT of feed wheat and 200,000 MT of feed barley will be held on August 23

- Aug 9 - Argentina registered 69,000 MT of corn for export

- Aug 8 - European Commission published Regulation (EU) 2017/1434 reintroducing import duties on certain cereals. The duty is fixed at 5.16 € effective from 8-th August on maize, sorghum and rye. The EU had applied a zero tariff for maize since November 2014

- Farmers in Bulgaria harvested 618,979 MT of barley as of Aug 3, down 13.6% from last-year stage. Meanwhile yields on this stage totals 4.76 mt/ha, 7.7% higher than a year-ago

- Bulgaria's Ag Min said Bulgaria exported 77,884 MT of barley via port Varna between July 3-Aug 6, 2017/18 vs. zero at this time last year

- US Ethanol production for the week ended Aug 4 rose by 10,000 barrels to 1,012,000 barrels per day, slightly below last year's level of 1,018,000 bpd. Stocks climbed by 495,000 barrels from the week prior to 21.347 million barrels, up 4.3% vs. 20.46 million barrels a year ago


- Aug 9 - USDA announced cancellations of export sales of 130,000 MT of US soybeans for delivery to unknown destinations during 2016/17

- Aug 9 - Argentina registered for export 60,000 MT of soybeans, 60,925 MT of soymeal and 66,621 MT of soybean oil

- Farmers in Bulgaria harvested 447,437 MT of rapeseed as of Aug 3, down 8,9% from last-year stage. Yields on this stage totals 2.85 mt/ha, 3.1% lower than a year-ago

- Bulgaria's Ag Min said Bulgaria exported 6,582 MT of rapeseed via port Varna between July 3-Aug 6, 2017/18, down 88.8% from a year-ago (58,516 MT)