- FranceAgriMer said that French farmers harvested 85% of soft wheat as of July 24 vs. 63% a week ago and 37% a year ago. They also finished harvesting of the durum vs. 93% a week ago and 87% a year ago

- Wheat Quality Council released its projected yield estimates after three-day crop tour. They put the 2017 US hard red spring wheat yield at 38.1 bushels per acre (bpa), below last year's 45.7 bpa and the tour's prior five-year average of 46.8 bpa. They pegged 2017 US durum wheat yield at 39.7 bpa, down from last year's 45.4 bpa and the long-term tour average of 41.06 bpa

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 17 MMT of wheat from 70% of the planned area as of July 28, down from 18.7 MMT a year ago. Yields totalled 3.83 mt/ha versus 4.03 mt/ha a year ago

- Kazakh farmers harvested 632,800 MT of all grains as of July 29, down from 723,900 MT a year ago. Yields totalled 1.96 mt/ha up from 2.16 mt/ha a year ago

- Mongolia has suspended grain exports as hottest temperatures in 56 years cause drought

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange kept its estimate of Argentine 2017/18 wheat crop area at 5.4 mln ha (5.1 mln ha in 2016/17). Exchange estimates 92% of the crop has been planted as of July 27 vs. 88.2% this time last year


- July 28 - China sold 1,512,740 MT of 2013, 2014 corn from state reserves, or 41.5% of the offered amount (3,643,973 MMT), at average price of 1,436 RMB/mt (213 $/mt)

- July 27 - Argentina registered 67,000 MT of corn for export

- FranceAgriMer estimated French corn condition as of July 24 as 80% in good to excellent, down 1% point from the prior week, but well above the year-ago score of 69%

- FranceAgriMer said 62% of France’s spring barley crops were in good to excellent condition as of July 24, down 3% points from the prior week but above the year-ago score (53%). Harvesting of spring barley was under way, with 80% of the crop cut by July 24 (49% a week ago), well above the 12% harvest progress a year ago

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange maintains its forecast for Argentina's 2016/17 corn crop at 39 MMT, up 30% vs. 30 MMT in 2015/16. Harvesting of Argentine corn crop was 62.7% completed as of July 27 vs. last year’s pace of 58.6%

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange forecasts Argentine 2016/17 sorghum crop at 3.2 MMT, down 6% from 2015/16 crop (3.4 MMT). Harvesting of Argentine sorghum crop was 82.5% completed as of July 27 vs. last year’s pace of 80.6%

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 6.2 MMT of barley from 76% of the planned area as of July 28, down from 7.9 MMT a year ago. Yields totalled 3.23 mt/ha down from 3.3 mt/ha a year ago

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 929 TMT of peas from 90% of the planned area as of July 28, up from 695 TMT a year ago. Yields totalled 2.56 mt/ha versus 3.17 mt/ha a year ago


- July 27 - Argentina registered 52,695 MT of soymeal for export

- July 27 - Argentina registered 7,044 MT of sunflower oil for export

- Indian farmers increased summer crop planting by about 3.3% as of July 28, from the same period last year. Pulses planting was up 7% compared with the same time last year, to 11.49 million ha, while soybean planting fell 10.3% to 9.57 million ha. Summer crop planting will continue until October

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 1.7 MMT of rapeseed from 83% of the planned area as of July 28, up from 1 MMT a year ago. Yields totalled 2.65 mt/ha versus 2.63 mt/ha a year ago