- Turkey has removed Russian wheat from an import licence scheme, which means that it would be subject to duty an 130%. New import licences issued by the Turkish government did not include Russia among accepted origins as of March 15

- FranceAgriMer said 92% of France’s soft wheat crops were in good to excellent condition as of Mar 13, unchanged from the prior week and vs. 93% a year ago; durum rating at 81% in good to excellent vs. 81% a week-ago and vs. 88% a year-ago

- Russian Ag Min estimated spring grain planting 1.1% done as of Mar 17. Russian farmers planted 558,700 ha of spring crops vs. 649,100 ha a year ago

- Mar 14 - Iran's state grains buyer GTC bought about 40,000 MT of Thai rice at about 600 euros ($645.5) per MT for April 15-May 15 shipment


- Mar 16 - Argentina grants export licenses for 415,000 MT of corn

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange maintains its forecast for Argentina's 2016/17 corn crop at 37 MMT, up 23.3% vs. 30 MMT in 2015/16

- FranceAgriMer said 87% of France’s winter barley crops were in good to excellent condition as of Mar 13, compared with 88% a week earlier and vs. 91% a year ago

- FranceAgriMer estimated spring barley planting 41% done as of Mar 13, behind of last year’s pace of 44%

- Ukraine’s Ag Min estimated early spring grain planting 11% done as of Mar 17. Ukrainian farmers planted 273,000 ha of spring crops, thereof 178,000 ha of barley (or 10% of planned area), 81,000 ha of peas (or 29%), 8,000 ha of oats (or 4%) and 6,000 ha of wheat (or 3%)

- Japan's use of corn in animal feed kept at 46.1% in January, unchanged from December, but by 0.2% points below year-ago level (46.3% in Jan 2016). Its use of barley was steady at 3.4%, unchanged from month ago and vs. 3.3% year-ago; while wheat usage left at 1.9% but above year-ago (1.6%). Sorghum usage in feed rations declined to 2.4% in January (2.4% in Dec) from 3% a year ago


- Mar 16 - Argentina grants export licenses for 53,800 MT of soybean oil and 66,500 MT of soymeal

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange kept its Argentina's 2016/17 soybean harvest estimate steady at 54.8 MMT, down 2.1% vs. 56 MMT in 2015/16

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange forecasts Argentine 2016/17 sunflower crop at 3.3 MMT, up 32% from 2015/16 crop (2.5 MMT). Harvesting of Argentine sunflower crop was 52.7% completed as of Mar 16 vs. last year’s pace of 62%

- Turkey has suspended issuance of licenses for duty-free import of sunflower oil, wheat and corn from Russia

- Russia exported about 782,700 MT of sunflower oil between Sept 1-Mar 5, 2016/17, a 45.8%-increase from a year-ago

- Russia exported about 126,800 MT of sunseed between Sept 1-Mar 5, 2016/17, in 5.3 times up from a year-ago

- Russia exported about 199,400 MT of soybeans between Sept 1-Mar 5, 2016/17, down 31.4% from a year-ago

- GAPKI estimated Indonesia's January exports of palm oil and palm kernel oil at 2.72 MMT, up 1.5% from the previous month (2.68 MMT in Dec) and up 29.5% from a year-ago