- Jan 6 - Argentina grants export licenses for 128,660 MT of milling wheat

- Informa Economics raised its estimate of Argentina's 2016/17 wheat production to 15 MMT, up 2 MMT from last month

- French soft wheat exports outside the EU fell sharply in November, to the smallest monthly volume so far this season. France shipped about 656 TMT of soft wheat abroad in November, fifth month of the 2016/17 marketing season, less than the 685 TMT exported in October. France exported 233 TMT of soft wheat outside the EU in November (incl. 106 TMT to Algeria), with Jul-Nov 2016/17 France's soft wheat shipments outside the EU at 2.062 MMT, down 38% on the year-earlier period. Total French soft wheat exports, including shipments within the EU, so far this season were down 33% at 4.07 MMT (6.12 MMT in Jul-Nov 2015/16)

- France imported 95 TMT of wheat in November, down from 192 TMT in October, including 56 TMT from Germany. French Jul-Nov 2016/17 wheat imports totalled 531 TMT, up 113% on the year-earlier period

- India's farmers increased planting of winter crops by more than 6.5% from the same period last year, with wheat (+7.6%), pulses (+13.4%) and rapeseed (+10.7%) accounting for the lion's share of the growth in acreage

- Egypt has appointed a new head to its agriculture quarantine agency

- Thailand will aim to cut paddy rice production this year to 26-27 MMT from about 30 MMT in the last crop year. Also Thailand wanted to increase rice exports to 10 MMT in 2017, from 9.63 MMT in 2016


- Informa Economics lowered its estimate of Argentina's 2016/17 corn production to 36 MMT from 36.5 MMT previously

- France exported 22 TMT of barley outside the EU in November. A further 227 TMT were exported within the EU in November, bringing total French barley exports in the first five months of the season to 1.704 MMT (incl. 656 TMT to non-EU), down 52% on the year-earlier period (3.54 MMT, incl. 2.454 MMT to non-EU in Jul-Nov 2015/16)

- French maize exports in Jul-Nov, which are mostly within the EU, declined by 18% to 2.137 MT (2.617 MMT in Jul-Nov 2015)


- Jan 6 - Argentina grants export licenses for 11,429 MT of soybeans

- Informa Economics cut its estimate of Argentina's 2016/17 soybean production to 55 MMT, down 1 MMT from last month

- India's oilmeal exports rose 130.7% from a year ago to 194,309 MT in December (84,218 MT in Dec 2015). India's export of oilmeals during April-Dec 2016/17 dropped 13.3% to 856,798 MT compared to 987,842 MT during the same period of last year

- India exported 160,949 MT of soybean meal in December vs. 51,805 MT a month ago and 5,667 MT a year ago. India's Apr-Dec 2016/17 soymeal exports at 229,419 MT vs. 61,556 MT a year ago

- India exported 2,292 MT of rapeseed meal in December vs. 12,304 MT a month ago and 16,855 MT a year ago. India's Apr-Dec 2016/17 rapeseed meal exports at 175,868 MT vs. 312,148 MT a year ago

- India exported 28,305 MT of castor seed meal in December vs. 41,451 MT a month ago and 32,708 MT a year ago. India's Apr-Dec 2016/17 castor seed meal exports at 322,918 MT vs. 367,522 MT a year ago