- Dec 1 - Japan seeks 158,514 MT of food wheat for Jan-Feb shipment:

  • 13,140 MT of western white US wheat;
  • 19,483 MT of hard red winter US wheat;
  • 59,705 MT of dark northern spring US wheat;
  • 66,186 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat

- Nov 30 - Algeria seeks at least 50,000 MT of durum wheat for Jan 16-Feb 15 shipment

- Nov 29 - Egypt's GASC seeks an unspecified amount of wheat from global suppliers for Jan 2-11 shipment

- Russia plans to send humanitarian aid to Syria in the form of wheat supplies this year

- Nov 29 - Russia bought 19,440 MT of intervention grain (all wheat) via tender on the NTB (National Trade Exchange, Moscow Exchange). Making the total bought since Sep 19 at 804,060 MT of 2016/17 grain (755,325 MT of wheat and 48,735 MT of barley)

- US wheat export inspections for week, ending Nov 24, recorded 221,985 MT, below market expectations (325-525 TMT). Inspections for 2016/17 are running 27.1% ahead of year-ago

- USDA rated 58% of the US wheat crop in good-to-excellent condition as of Nov 27, matching analysts' expectations, unchanged from prior week and ahead of 55% a year-ago


- US corn export inspections for week, ending Nov 24, reported 800,967 MT, below market forecasts (850-1050 TMT). Inspections for 2016/17 are running 85.4% ahead year-ago

- Zambia won't allow any corn exports until it secures 500,000 MT of maize in its strategic reserves

- Japan started culling more than 300,000 chickens and ducks after H5 bird flu was found in two locations in the north of the country


- US soybean export inspections for week, ending Nov 24, reported 2,090,724 MT, near the high end of trade expectations that ranged from 1.8 to 2.1 MMT. Inspections for the 2016/17 marketing year are running 19.1% ahead of year-ago

- USDA attaché estimated Turkey's 2015/16 soybean imports at 2.28 MMT (2.2 MMT a year ago), of which Ukraine was the leading supplier with 838,000 MT, followed by Paraguay with 560,000 MT and US with 402,000 MT. Turkey also imported a total of 592,000 MT soymeal during the 2015/16, of which Argentina supplied 369,000 MT and the other leading suppliers were US (71,500 MT), Ukraine (51,000 MT) and Brazil (49,000 MT). They also forecast that Turkey would import 2.15 MMT of soybeans and 600,000 MT of soymeal in 2016/17

- Brazilian port workers are planning to start a 24-hour strike at 7 a.m. on Wednesday