- Indonesia's imports of feed wheat could jump by about 36% to 3 MMT in 2017 from 2.2-2.3 MMT in 2016 (1.89 MMT in 2015), due to corn import restriction, according to the Indonesian Feedmill Association. So, total wheat imports (incl. feed and food) could reach around 11.5 MMT in 2017, up 12.7% from 10.2 MMT estimated for 2016 and vs. 9.3 MMT in 2015. Indonesia imports animal feed-grade wheat from Ukraine and Eastern Europe as well as Argentina, and wheat for human consumption mainly from Australia, Canada and the US

- Nov 23 - Russia bought 19,980 MT of intervention grain (all wheat) via tender on the NTB (National Trade Exchange, Moscow Exchange). Making the total bought since Sep 19 at 784,620 MT of 2016/17 grain (735,885 MT of wheat and 48,735 MT of barley)

- Nov 23 - China auctioned 27,018 MT of 2013 imported wheat from state reserves, or 35% of the offered amount (77,065 MT), at an average price of 2,506 RMB/mt (363 $/mt)


- Nov 24 - Algeria's OAIC seeks at least 50,000 MT of optional-origin feed barley for January shipment

- Nov 23 - South Korea's Korea Corn Processing Industry Association (KOCOPIA) bought 55,000 MT of US yellow corn from Daewoo at 191.45 $/mt c&f including surcharge for additional port unloading for March 5 arrival

- China has booked more than 20 vessels of US sorghum since late October for arrival by February and at least three vessels of Australian barley are on their way to China

- Indonesia's Ag Min hopes that country to stop importing corn in 2017. Indonesia imports corn mainly from Brazil and Argentina

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier left his forecast of South America's 2016/17 corn crop unchanged this week at 125.3 MMT compared to 97.2 MMT in 2015/16


- Nov 22 - Argentina grants export licenses for 420,000 MT of soymeal and 12,500 MT of soybeans

- Argentine October soybean crush was reported at 3.7 MMT, up from revised of 3.54 MMT in September but down 5% from last year

- Argentine October sunflower crush was reported at 129,406 MT, up from revised of 122,460 MT in September and up 5% from last year

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier maintains his forecast of South America's 2016/17 soybean crop at 172.2 MMT (165.5 MMT in 2015/16)

- Nov 23 - China sold 100,110 MT of rapeseed oil produced in 2012, 2013 from state reserves or 100% of the offered amount at auction at an average price of 6,570 RMB/mt (953 $/mt)

- Malaysia will lower its crude palm oil export tax to 6% in December, down from 6.5% in November. Malaysia calculated a reference price of 2,792.8 MYR/mt (645 $/mt) for December

- Mitsui signed frame contract to buy 400,000 MT of soybeans over five years from Vicentin in Argentina

- European Commission (EC) is considering halving the maximum amount of crop-based biofuels used in transport after 2020 over concerns they increase rather than reduce carbon emissions. According to the EC's proposal, the maximum contribution from liquid biofuels to the EU renewable energy target should fall to 3.8% in 2030 from 7% in 2021