- Oct 21 - Argentina grants export licenses for 50,000 MT of low protein wheat

- Russia's Ag Min said Russia exported about 11.809 MMT of grain between July 1-Oct 19, 2016/17, down by 4% from 12.319 MMT a year ago, including:

  • wheat – 9.682 MMT (9.514 MMT a year ago);
  • barley – 1.354 MMT (2.01 MMT);
  • corn – 717 TMT (695 TMT);
  • others – 56 TMT (100 TMT)

- Russia has 3,329,300 MT of grain in its federal intervention fund as of October 21

- China's September wheat imports up 109% on year to 431,810 MT. China's Jan-Sept wheat imports rose 27.4% on year to 2.861 MMT

- Japan's September grain imports up 3.4% on year to 1.995 MMT, incl. 1.492 MMT from the US (+0.4%)


- Indonesia's Bulog bought about 150,000-200,000 MT of corn, likely from the US and Brazil, at just over 200 $/mt c&f for arrival by Dec 25, in a tender last week

- Oct 21 - Argentina grants export licenses for 61,219 MT of corn

- China imported only 19,023 MT of corn last month, down 88.8% from the year-ago level. For the first nine months of the year, China has imported 2.979 MMT of corn, down 34.3% from year-ago

- China imported 272,240 MT of distillers' dried grains (DDGS) in September, down 46.4% from August and down 70.8% from a year-ago. China's Jan-Sept DDGs imports fell 48.8% on year to 2.698 MMT

- China's September ethanol imports fell 91.7% year on year to 10,121 cubic metres, the lowest level since April 2015. Meanwhile China's Jan-Sept ethanol imports rose 130.1% on year to 692,814 cubic metres

- China's September barley imports fell 35.8% on year to 831,055 MT. China's Jan-Sept barley imports dropped 55.8% on year to 3.858 MMT

- China imported 697,902 MT of sorghum in September, down 35.2% from a year-ago. China's Jan-Sept sorghum imports fell 29.9% on year to 5.679 MMT, mainly from US and Australia

- Companies that ship grains from Argentina including Glencore, Cargill, Cofco, and Bunge, will invest some $1.2 billion over three years to improve infrastructure in the main port network of Rosario

- Vietnam said it would suspend imports of US dried distillers grains (DDGs) in mid-December due to contamination with the Ballion variety of beetle. But US Grains Council says it is working to end the the planned Vietnamese ban on import of US DDGs. For the first eight months of the year, Vietnam has imported 687,620 MT of US DDGs, or roughly 9% of the U.S.'s total shipments


- Oct 21 - Argentina grants export licenses for 16,000 MT of soymeal

- Indonesia has set its crude palm oil export tax at zero for November, down from 3 $/mt in October

- Japan's September soybean imports rose 12.5% on year to 262,425 MT, incl. 110,934 MT from the US (-20.7%)

- China imported 7.194 MMT of soybeans during September down 0.85% from year-ago. China's Jan-Sept soybean imports up 2.6% on year to 61.188 MMT

- China's September soy oil imports fell 89.2% from year-ago levels to 15,630 MT. China's Jan-Sept soy oil imports fell 37% on year to 394,590 MT

- China's September rapeseed imports down 34.5% on year to 193,474 MT. China's Jan-Sept rapeseed imports fell 13.5% on year to 2.958 MMT

- China's September rapeseed oil imports rose by 119.3% on year to 57,978 MT, mainly from Canada. China's Jan-Sept rapeseed oil imports decreased 8.5% on year to 511,168 MT

- China's September rapeseed meal imports up by 583.9% on year to 128,701 MT, from Canada. China's Jan-Sept rapeseed meal imports rose 200.9% on year to 353,464 MT

- China's September palm oil imports down 15.4% on year to 480,786 MT, mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia. China's Jan-Sept palm oil imports fell 28.4% on year to 3.082 MMT