- Oct 20 - Egypt's GASC seeks an unspecified amount of wheat from global suppliers for Nov 21-30 shipment

- Oct 20 - Japan bought 132,015 MT of food wheat for Nov-Feb shipment:

  • 20,565 MT of western white US wheat;
  • 26,270 MT of hard red winter US wheat;
  • 28,360 MT of dark northern spring US wheat;
  • 27,900 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat;
  • 28,920 MT of Australian standard white wheat

- India bought 100,000 MT of new-crop Australian wheat in recent deals for January shipment. Indian flour mills paid 216 $/mt, c&f, for Australian standard wheat and 223 $/mt, c&f for premium wheat

- Oct 19 - China auctioned 19,534 MT of 2013 imported US #2 soft red winter wheat from state reserves, or 27.12% of the offered amount (72,022 MT), at an average price of 2,551 RMB/mt (378 $/mt)

- Oct 18 - China sold 33,795 MT of wheat from state reserves or 1.34% of the of the offered amount (2,522,517 MT) at auction; 8,988 MT of mixed wheat at average price of 2,504 RMB/mt (371 $/mt) and 24,807 MT of white wheat at price of 2,500 RMB/mt (371 $/mt)

- Russian grain stocks were at 49.14 MMT as of October 1, up 10.6% from a year earlier (44.426 MMT as of Oct 1, 2015). The data does not include grain stored at small farms

- USDA attaché in Kazakhstan forecasts wheat production at 16 MMT in 2016/17, less than USDA's official projection of 16.5 MMT but up from 14 MMT in 2015/16. As a result, 2016/17 Kazakh wheat exports are expected at 8.2 MMT, 3.5% below the USDA's official projection (8.5 MMT), but above last year's level of 7.5 MMT

- Egypt's state grain buyer GASC has bought in a tender 75,000 MT of Indian origin white medium grain rice at 410 $/mt from Crytal, Multitrade and Safe


- Indonesia's Bulog is due to finalise an international tender it had issued last week to purchase at least 150,000 MT of corn

- Oct 19 - Jordan bought 50,000 MT of feed barley from GTCS at 180.9 $/mt c&f for March 16-31 shipment

- Oct 19 - Argentina grants export licenses for 11,823 MT of corn

- China's corn futures rallied more than 2% on Thursday amid speculation that Beijing may introduce subsidies for corn processors in an effort to boost consumption

- China will suspend auctions from state corn reserves to encourage purchasing of new crop corn. China has sold around 20 MMT of old corn from its state stockpiles this year. The government will consider further corn stockpile sales in May next year

- USDA attaché in Russia forecasts corn production at 13 MMT in 2016/17, less than USDA's official projection of 14 MMT and down from 13.168 MMT in 2015/16

- Japan's use of corn in animal feed was at 46.1% in August, 0.1% points lower versus July (46.2%) but 0.4% points above year-ago level (45.7% in Aug 2015). Its use of barley and wheat kept unchanged from prior month but above year-ago levels – 3.5% (3.4% a year ago) and 1.8% (1.6%) accordingly. Japan's sorghum usage in feed rations stood at 2.5% for August, unchanged from July but down 0.5% points from the year prior (3% in Aug 2015)

- US Ethanol production for the week ended Oct 14 rose by 36,000 barrels to 998,000 barrels per day, up 4.9% from last year's level of 951,000 bpd. Stocks fell by 351,000 barrels from the week prior to 19.042 million barrels, up 0.9% vs. 18.872 million barrels a year ago


- Oct 19 - USDA announced export sales of 185,000 MT of US soybeans for delivery to unknown destinations during 2016/17

- Oct 19 - Argentina grants export licenses for 79,000 MT of soymeal

- Argentina's portside processing plants are expected to increase output of biodiesel as a drop in soyoil demand has pushed them to seek more profitable alternatives

- Oct 19 - China sold 99,555 MT of rapeseed oil from state reserves or 100% of the offered amount at auction at an average price of 6,299 RMB/mt (935 $/mt)

- Surveyor Intertek Testing Services estimated Malaysia's October 1-20 palm oil exports at 800,854 MT down 12.4% from a month ago

- Surveyor SGS estimated Malaysia's October 1-20 palm oil exports at 806,458 MT down 12.1% from a month ago