The Ministry of Agriculture issued a new import regulation which expands market access for meat products. The regulation allows the importation of all kinds of bovine meat cuts and variety meats including offal.

General Information

On July 15, 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) issued Regulation 34/2016, which replaces Regulation 58/2015 on the importation of carcass, meat, offal and its products. The new regulation allows the importation of all kinds of bovine meat cuts and variety meats including offal.

The new regulation lists prime cuts, secondary cut, manufacturing meat, variety meat (including tail, tongue, feet), and offal (liver, heart, lung) as eligible for importation. Previously, only certain bovine meat products were eligible for importation by the private sector.

Key changes in the new regulation are as follows:

  • Importers are not required to meet domestic purchase requirements.
  • All kinds of bovine meat cuts and variety meats including offal are eligible for importation.
  • All type of importers (private companies, government/regional government-owned companies, charity institutions, foreign countries/international organization representatives) can apply for import recommendation for all kinds of meat category.

Reference price is no longer considered in the importation process.

An importer can apply for an import recommendation for any quantity. However, the issuance of import recommendation shall be subject to import realization and distribution plan.

Import permit must be applied for within 3 (three) months from the date of issuance of the import recommendation; if three-month period lapses before applying for an import permit, the import recommendation shall be deemed invalid. An import recommendation can be used only for one import permit application.

Import recommendation number shall be included in the Certificate of Health; this shall be enforced 3 months after the date of the promulgation of this regulation (which was on July 19, 2016.). Hence, effective date of enforcement of this provision is November 19, 2016.

Importation must take place within 6 months after the date of issuance of the import recommendation.

Intended use of carcass, meat, and offal that require cold chain treatment shall be for hotel, restaurant, catering, industry, retail, and other purposes which have cold chain facilities.

Importers must submit:

  • Monthly import realization report on the 15th of every month to MOA;
  • Import realization report of the previous importation when applying for a new import recommendation;
  • Weekly distribution report to MOA. The report shall include sales price, end-user information such as hotel, restaurants, retail outlets etc.