Czech Grain and Rapeseed crop is described as good or average, showing large variability across regions caused by different weather conditions. Total grain crop is estimated at 6,994,894 MT (excluding corn) and rapeseed crop at 1,312,813 MT.

General Information

Rainy weather delayed harvest in several Czech regions, mainly in the southern, central and western parts of the country. Some of the affected regions report lodging of crops and lowered quality of grains. Estimates, however, still remain quite optimistic, describing overall crop as good or average.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture news based on survey data by the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SAIF), average yield of harvested grains reaches 6.18 MT/HA, while for rapeseed it is currently 3.58 MT/HA. Those preliminary results are higher than June estimates of the Czech Statistical Office that were released at the beginning of July. The current grain yield also exceeds yield reported by SAIF during harvest last year, when it reached 5.54 MT/HA to August 20, 2015.

Czech Statistical Office estimates average yield at 5.54 MT/HA for grains and 3.34 MT/HA for rapeseed. Total production of grains (excluding corn) is estimated at 6,994,894 MT and rapeseed production at 1,312,813 MT. Those amounts will comfortably cover domestic demand.

When compared to MY2015/16, grain production estimate shows a drop of 9.5 percent, while for rapeseed it is 4.5 percent increase. After two years of decline in rapeseed area, it increased year-on-year by 7.3 percent in MY2016/17, as farmers were encouraged by favorable prices.

Drop in grain production is caused by lower sowing area as well as yields. The grain area decreased from 1,403,430 ha in MY2015/16 to current 1,351,910 ha. Most significant decline in sowing area shows spring barley, approximately 40,000 ha and spring wheat (21,000 ha drop). Total wheat area, however, grew from 829,820 ha in MY2015/16 to current MY2016/17 839,710 thanks to larger area of winter wheat.

Wheat yield estimate by the Czech Statistical Office is 5.85 MT/HA. The State Agricultural Intervention Fund reports so far only yield calculation for winter wheat of 6.2 MT/HA, which is based just on very small percentage of harvested area. Barley harvest is more advanced, especially for winter barley it is more than two thirds of the area and yield comes out as 6.19 MT/HA, according to the State Agricultural Intervention Fund. The Stat. Office estimates winter barley yield at 5.27 MT/HA and total barley yield at 5.09 MT/HA.