General Information:

On the 20 th of July, President Humala of Peru signed an Executive Decree N° 006-2016-MINAM with a procedure and plan for surveillance and early detection of genetically engineered organisms, by which Peru's Departments of Agriculture (MINAGRI), Environment (MINAM), and Production will enforce the ten year moratorium on biotechnology. Several days later on July 24, Executive Decree N° 011- 2016-MINAM listed specific commodities restricted under the biotechnology moratorium. Both decrees comply with a 2014 legislative mandate to create a plan and list of this nature. By way of concluding their remaining regulatory obligations, the current administration released these decrees in the final weeks before they turn over authority to the incoming administration's appointees. These regulations do not change any requirements for producers or importers; it simply operationalizes the biotechnology moratorium and related legislation already in place. Therefore, FAS Lima anticipates that these regulations will have little practical effect on agriculture or trade.