- Sept 22 - Egypt's GASC seeks an unspecified amount of wheat from global suppliers for Oct 21-31 shipment

- Egypt has cancelled zero ergot wheat policy. The government said it was reinstating a 0.05% tolerance level for ergot, a common international standard it had used before the ban, and was applying it to both outstanding and future wheat contracts

- Egypt has enough strategic wheat reserves to last for next four months

- Sept 22 - Russia bought 4,840 MT of intervention grain (all wheat) via tender on the Crimean Exchange. Making the total bought since Aug 19 at 40,750 MT of 2016/17 grain (38,320 MT of wheat and 2,430 MT of barley)

- China's August wheat imports up 1.3% on year to 347,733 MT. China's Jan-Aug wheat imports rose 19.1% on year to 2.429 MMT

- South Korea's agriculture minister expects 2016 rice production to be about 4.2 MMT, slightly down from a record of 4.32 MMT last year. South Korea's rice stock was at 1.75 MMT as of end-August, 380,000 MT higher than last year's stockpile


- Sept 22 - China sold 127,134 MT of 2013 corn from state reserves, or 3.5% of the offered amount (3,598,575 MT), at average price of 1,587 RMB/mt (238 $/mt)

- Sept 21 - Argentina grants export licenses for 15,000 MT of barley

- Taiwan Sugar Corp earlier this week bought 20,000 MT of US corn at a premium of 152 US cents/bushel over the Chicago July 2017 contract for March 27-April 25 shipment

- China imported only 26,550 MT of corn last month, down 95.6% from the year-ago level. For the first eight months of the year, China has imported 2.96 MMT of corn, down 32.2% from year-ago

- China imported 508,240 MT of distillers' dried grains (DDGS) in August, up 34.5% from July but down 35.9% from a year-ago. China's Jan-Aug DDGs imports fell 44.1% on year to 2.426 MMT

- China's August barley imports fell 38.8% on year to 476,459 MT. China's Jan-Aug barley imports dropped 59.2% on year to 3.027 MMT

- US Ethanol production for the week ended Sept 16 decreased by 23,000 barrels to 981,000 barrels per day, up 4.6% from last year's level of 938,000 bpd. Stocks fell by 191,000 barrels from the week prior to 20.016 million barrels, up 5.9% vs. 18.9 million barrels a year ago


- Sept 21 - Argentina grants export licenses for 80,000 MT of soybeans, 38,180 MT of soybean oil and 277,360 MT of soymeal

- Taiwan Sugar Corp earlier this week bought 15,000 MT of US soybeans at a premium of 166 US cents/bushel over the Chicago July 2017 contract for March 27-April 25 shipment

- China imported 7.671 MMT of soybeans during August down 1.5% from year-ago. China's Jan-Aug soybean imports up 3% on year to 53.993 MMT

- China's August soy oil imports fell 16.7% from year-ago levels to 93,284 MT. China's Jan-Aug soy oil imports fell 21.5% on year to 378,960 MT

- China's August rapeseed imports down 25.6% on year to 428,856 MT. China's Jan-Aug rapeseed imports fell 11.5% on year to 2.764 MMT

- China's August rapeseed oil imports fell by 54.9% on year to 26,631 MT, mainly from Canada. China's Jan-Aug rapeseed oil imports decreased 14.8% on year to 453,190 MT

- China's August rapeseed meal imports up by 495.8% on year to 51,797 MT. China's Jan-Aug rapeseed meal imports rose 127.8% on year to 224,763 MT

- China's August palm oil imports down 25.6% on year to 403,249 MT, mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia. China's Jan-Aug palm oil imports fell 30.3% on year to 2.601 MMT

- Indonesia has set crude palm oil export tax at 3 $/mt for October, up from zero in September as the government reference price is seen rising to 781.49 $/mt

- James Fry says global palm oil production will recover in 2017, increasing by 4 MMT in the first half of next year from the same time in 2016. Fry also forecast that CPO prices would ease to 650 $/mt fob in Nov-Dec, and move up briefly in Jan-Feb before falling to 550 $/mt next year, based on a Brent crude oil forecast of 45 $/barrel