- France will import 33,500 MT of Bulgarian wheat this month

- Ukraine's Ag Min raised its 2016 grain crop estimate to 63 MMT, up from 60 MMT last year. Ukrainian wheat harvest could total 25.5-27 MMT in clean weight (26.5 MMT in 2015) and about 17 MMT thereof could be exported in 2016/17 (16.9 MMT in 2015/16)

- Ukraine's Ag Min said Ukraine has exported 4.88 MMT of grain so far this season compared with 4.72 MMT a year earlier, including 2.4 MMT of wheat, 1.9 MMT of barley and 444,000 MT of corn

- Ukraine's Ag Min said Ukrainian farmers may increase the area sown for winter grains for 2017 to 7.3 mln ha from 7 mln ha last year, incl. 6.5 mln ha under winter wheat

- Kazakhstan's grain stocks as of August 1, 2016 accounted 2.96 MMT, including 2.58 MMT of wheat thereof 2.34 MMT of milling wheat compared to 4.54 MMT (incl. 4.08 MMT of wheat thereof 3.69 MMT of milling) a year ago

- China has procured 56.57 MMT of reserve wheat by August 10, up 5.3% (or 2.85 MMT) from last year


- Aug 16 - Argentina grants export licenses for 320,000 MT of corn

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier raised his US corn yield projection by 4 bushel per acre (bpa) from last week to 173 bpa, resulting in a 14.96-billion-bu crop (14.61 billion bu last week)

- Ukraine's Ag Min expects corn harvest at 26 MMT, up from 23.2 MMT in 2015


- Aug 23 - Egypt's GASC seeks sunflower oil and soybean oil for Oct 15-30 shipment

- Aug 16 - Argentina grants export licenses for 49,328 MT of soymeal and 17,500 MT of sunflower meal

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier raised his US soybean yield projection by 1.7 bpa from last week to 48.9 bpa, resulting in a 4.05-billion-bu crop (3.91 billion bu last week)

- China has procured 960,000 MT of reserve rapeseed by August 10, down 17,9% (or 210,000 MT) from last year

- Indian refiners have switched to soyoil as palm prices rally. Soyoil imports seen rising to record 4.25 MMT in 2015/16 (Oct-Sep), up 42% from last year's 3 MMT, while palm imports could drop 12% to 8.4 MMT