- Jul 6 - Israeli group seeks 115,000 MT of optional origin feed wheat for Aug-Dec shipments

- Jul 7 - Japan seeks 102,631 MT of food wheat for August 21-Sept 20 shipment:

  • 31,969 MT of dark northern spring US wheat;
  • 70,662 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat

- Egyptian government is reported to have agreed on acceptable levels of ergot in wheat. Egyptian quarantine authority said a new ministerial decree would allow it to accept imported wheat shipments containing up to 0.05% ergot, finally ending a long-standing zero tolerance policy

- Russian farmers harvested 5.97 MMT of all grains as of July 4, up from 2.73 MMT a year ago. Yields totaled 4.27 mt/ha up from 3.85 mt/ha a year ago

- Rusagrotrans expects this year's Russian grain harvest will total a record 108-110 MMT, including 65.3 MMT of wheat (record), 13.8 MMT of corn (record) and 17.9 MMT of barley

- Russia's Ag Min said the country exported a record 33.893 MMT of grain in 2015/16 (Jul-Jun), including 24.604 MMT of wheat, 4.713 MMT of corn, 4.23 MMT of barley and 346 TMT of others

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 369,400 MT of winter wheat as of July 4, up from 273,900 MT a year ago. Yields totaled 3.74 mt/ha up from 3.2 mt/ha a year ago

- Agritel expected soft wheat harvest in France at 37.3 MMT in 2016, down 9.2% from last season's crop

- USDA attaché increased its forecast for South Korea's 2016/17 wheat imports to 5.06 MMT (incl. 2.5 MMT of feed wheat), above USDA's official estimate of 4.3 MMT and compared to 4.31 MMT (incl. 1.7 MMT of feed wheat) in 2015/16

- USDA attaché projects Turkey's 2016/17 wheat imports at 4.75 MMT, slightly more than USDA's official estimate of 4.5 MMT and compared to 4.0 MMT in 2015/16, due to strong demand for high quality wheat from flour and pasta exporters

- Severe flooding across central and southern China over the past week has killed almost 130 people, damaged more than 1.9 million hectares of crops and led to direct economic losses of more than 38 billion yuan ($5.70 billion). It was not clear how that would affect the summer grain harvest, which was expected to reach 140 MMT this year


- Jul 6 - Israeli group seeks 120,000 MT of optional origin corn for Sep-Dec shipments

- Jul 6 - Israeli group seeks 15,000 MT of optional feed barley for Oct-Nov shipments

- Jul 5 - China sold 203,369 MT of corn from state reserves, or 9% of the offered amount (2.24 MMT) at an average price of 225.5 $/mt

- Russia's media said that China plans to allow the import of Russian barley

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 1.609 MT of barley as of July 4, up from 1.196 MMT a year ago. Yields totaled 3.52 mt/ha up from 3.11 mt/ha a year ago

- Celeres left its Brazil's second annual corn crop estimate at 49.5 MMT, unchanged from last month

- USDA attaché projects South Korea's 2016/17 corn imports at 9.8 MMT, below USDA's official estimate of 10.5 MMT and compared to 10.3 MMT in 2015/16


- Celeres cut its 2015/16 Brazilian soybean harvest estimate to 97.7 MMT, down 2.5 MMT from the previous outlook of 100.2 MMT

- Russian farmers harvested 51,100 MT of rapeseed as of July 4, up from 39,700 MT a year ago. Yields totaled 2.0 mt/ha up from 1.34 mt/ha a year ago

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 65,800 MT of rapeseed as of July 4, down from 80,600 MT a year ago. Yields totaled 2.24 mt/ha up from 1.8 mt/ha a year ago