Report Highlights:

On Friday, December 13, 2013, Turkey's High Court rescinded the approvals for feed use of MON810 and MON88017xMON810 maize, prohibiting the import of feed products that contain these traits. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock is preparing to remove from the market products that contain these traits.

General Information:

Turkey's High Court announced Friday, December 13, 2013, that it had ruled that the approval of two genetically engineered corn traits was inconsistent with requirements in Turkey's Biosafety Law. The ruling was made on the appeal from a lower court and the case has been remanded to the lower court for final determination. Exact details of the decision will not be known until the lower court concludes the case.

However, following the decision of the High Court, the approval to place products containing the Mon810 and MON88017xMON810 traits on the Turkish market has been rescinded. Shipments of corn or corn derived feed products that contain detectable levels of either trait will not be permitted to enter Turkey.

Further, Post understands that the Ministry is considering action to withdraw from the market any feed products that contain either trait.

FAS-Ankara is seeking clarification from the government of Turkey regarding current and future shipments of corn-based feed products