Report Highlights:

Total Slovenian wine production in 2014 (based on the 2013 grape harvest) is expected to be about 740,000 hectoliters. This is seven percent below the ten year average but still an improvement over last year.


There are about 16,000 hectares (ha) of commercial vineyards in Slovenia. The major wine regions are the Drava Valley (Podravje), the Lower Sava Valley (Posavje) and the Slovenian Littoral (Primoska). Average annual wine production totals about 1 million hl, of which about 70 percent is white wine.

2014 wine production is forecast at 740,000 hl, an increase of 13 percent compared to 2013 but still below the ten year average.


Slovenian wine consumption is at about 800,000 hl annually. Almost all Slovenia’s wine production is consumed domestically.


In CY2012, total Slovenian wine imports were at 87,016 hl; imports in 2013 are expected to increase. Major supplying countries are Italy, Macedonia, Germany, Kosovo and Hungary. Exports in 2012 accounted for 46,249 hl and are expected increase to about 75,000 hl in 2013. Slovenia’s most important wine export markets are the United Kingdom, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and the United States