Global production for 2014/15 is slightly up as larger crops in China, Guyana, South Korea, and Vietnam more than offset a reduction in Indonesia. Global trade is up driven by Indonesia.

Global consumption is unchanged, while stocks are slightly higher. U.S. production and trade are unchanged.

Four months into 2014/15, commitments (sales plus shipments) for U.S. medium- and shortgrain rice have been lagging last year's pace. This is largely due to slower sales and shipments to Japan, Jordan, Korea, and Taiwan more than offsetting record sales to Turkey. With open tenders of traditional markets and tight supplies in other exporting countries, the pace is expected to pick up in coming months to fulfil the current forecast. In comparison, commitments for longgrain rice are ahead of last year, supported by recent sales to Iraq, improving commitments for all rice. U.S. exports are generally two thirds long-grain rice and one third medium- and shortgrain rice.


  • Burma's exports are up 150,000 tons to 1.5 million reflecting larger shipments to China, the EU, and Russia.
  • China's imports are up 100,000 tons to 3.9 million on larger purchases from neighboring countries.
  • EU imports are up 100,000 tons to 1.5 million on large purchases from Cambodia and Burma.
  • Indonesia's imports are cut 175,000 tons to 1.2 million as there is no approval for specialty rice by the Government.


  • Burma's exports are up 100,000 tons to 1.4 million on expectations of greater demand in the region.
  • Indonesia's imports are up 300,000 tons to 1.3 million on a reduced crop.
  • Thailand's exports are up 200,000 tons to a record 11.0 million on expectations of stronger demand in Indonesia