From October 2013 – June 2014, Taiwan imported over 1,600 TMT of U.S. corn, exceeding Post estimates. U.S. corn share expanded to 45%, compared to 13% from the same period last year, according to Taiwan Customs import data. 

According to contacts, Taiwan booked nine bulk shipments of corn for August-September delivery, of which five shipments are from South Africa, three from Brazil and one is from the United States. (NOTE: Taiwan importers reported recent shipments of U.S. corn with greater than desired broken kernel percentages.) 

With an estimated 20% of corn imported via containerized shipments, total corn imports in MY2013/14 is estimated to 4.26 million metric tons, of which the United States accounts for approximately 39%, Brazil 46%, South Africa 7%, and all other countries combined for 8%. 

Due to a higher import pace in the fourth quarter of MY2013/14, a higher carryover stocks is anticipated. Imports in MY2014/15 are thus lowered to 4.10 million metric tons from the previously estimated 4.22 million metric tons