According to industry sources, Bill C-48, most commonly known as the Modernization of Canada's Grain Industry Act, is stalled and unlikely to be passed into law before the federal elections currently scheduled for October 19, 2015. This means that the proposed amendments that would have resulted in leveling the playing field for U.S farmers delivering grain to Canadian elevators – by allowing for grading of U.S. grain - are unlikely to pass in the short to medium term.

Reforms to Grain Act Stalled

According to industry sources, it is unlikely that Bill C-48, whose short title is the "Modernization of Canada's Grain Industry Act" will be passed before the federal elections which are to take place on or before October 19, 2015. This means that the proposed amendments to the Canada Grain Act that would have resulted in U.S. grain varieties registered for use in Canada becoming eligible to receive a Canadian grade will not be made. Current legislation does not allow for foreign grain, even if it is of a variety that is registered to be grown in Canada, to be issued a grade by the Canadian Grain Commission. Under current legislation, U.S. wheat delivered to a Canadian grain elevator is sold as either feed grade (lowest grade) or sold according to a specification at any price agreed to by the buyers and sellers.

Bill C-48 was introduced into the House of Commons on December 9, 2014 (first reading) but has not progressed past that initial point. The House will rise at the end of June and not likely return before the fall federal elections. According to industry sources, this will be the third time that similar legislation to modernize the Canadian Grain Commission will fall off the order paper due to federal elections.