Report Highlights:

Dry weather with high temperatures resulted in slightly earlier start of grains and rapeseed harvest. Drought causes smaller grains and lower yields. MY2015/16 harvest is forecast to be average, with the sowing area remaining almost unchanged.

General Information:

According to harvest information released by the Czech Ministry of agriculture on July 14, 2015, Czech farmers started harvesting grains and rapeseed slightly earlier than typical in other years. This is caused by hot and dry weather that accelerated maturing and finishing of crops. As of July 13, 2015, Czech farmers harvested 2.68 percent of grains area and 0.81 percent of rapeseed area. That is 195,000 MT of grains harvested from 35,000 hectares with average yield of 5.57 MT/HA. With ongoing harvest the yield will be most probably revised further down.

Amount of rapeseed that was so far harvested only from 2,960 HA reaches 8,151 MT, which translates into a yield of 2.75 MT/HA.

On July 13, 2015, the Czech Statistical Office released crop estimates made to June 20, 2015. They also forecast an average crop: 6,814,673 MT of grains (excluding corn) and 1,201,849 MT of rapeseed. Compared to previous, exceptional MY 2014/15, this year's grain crop (excluding corn) is forecast 14.1 percent lower and rapeseed crop is to decline by 21.8 percent. The determination factor for grains is poorer yield, estimated at 5.23 MT/HA. For rapeseed it is a combination of a lower yield, dropping by 17 percent, and sowing area decreased by 5.9 percent.

A significant plunge is forecast for wheat that has been the largest crop in the Czech Republic, accounting nearly one third of a total sowing area. Its production should be lower by 15.9 percent, reaching 829,820 MT.