The Ministry of Agriculture took measures to prevent meat price increases ahead of the New Year Jewish holidays in September. In order to increase the supply of meat, the Minister of Agriculture has requested that the Finance Minister and the Tax Authority open ad-hoc quotas for importing 10,000 live sheep and 1,000 tons of frozen mutton duty-free, by the end of 2015.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture has requested importers of calves to increase their imports of large calves, which are suitable for immediate slaughter, and has also approached large beef importers to open their refrigerated storage and make maximum use of their stockpiles of frozen meat ahead of the holiday season, in order to help reduce prices. These are the current beef and calves import details into Israel:

Chilled - small quantities of chilled beef are imported from Latin America. During the first half of 2015 about 140 tons of chilled beef were imported from South America. In previous years, chilled meat imports to Israel were almost non-existent.

Frozen - Each year about 65,000 tons of frozen beef are imported to Israel mainly from South America: Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and small quantities from the Netherlands and France.

Live calves – Australia, Lithuania, Hungary, and Romania are the main sources for over 100,000 heads of feeder calves.