In a very quick process the Ministry of Agriculture approved in August 2015 imports of beef from Poland. A delegation on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture's veterinary services recently returned from Poland to arrange imports of meat from that country. Following the Ministry's successful inspection there, import from Poland has begun in September 2015. Tnuva, the largest wholesaler of agricultural produce, will sell fresh beef meat from Poland at the same prices as frozen meat, to compete with Shufersal's (Israel's largest food chain) new Angus private brand from Argentina. With the approach of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), the meat market wars are escalating. One week after Shufersal, the largest supermarket chain launched its private brand of meat, Tnuva Food Industries, the main victim of Shufersal's measure, decided for the first time to import fresh meat from Poland, and to sell it at prices, similar to those of frozen meat