Report Highlights:

Myanmar exported 1.54 million metric tons of beans and pulses in 2015, up 25 percent from the previous year due mainly to higher demand from India. Strong export demand resulted in higher domestic prices for all beans, especially Mapte in 2015. Prices for Matpe reached a record high in November 2015 when domestic supplies declined and demand for Matpe seeds increased.

General Information:


Myanmar's bean and pulse exports are composed of official exports primarily via ocean transportation and unofficial exports through land borders (mainly to India and China). Myanmar exported 1.54 million metric tons (MMT) of beans and pulses in 2015 (January-December). According to the Ministry of Commerce, approximately 80 percent of Myanmar's total bean and pulse exports in 2015 were shipped to India. Black Matpe, Green Mung and Toor Whole beans accounted for 80 percent of the varieties exported.

Official exports of beans and pulses to India peaked at nearly 200,000 metric tons (MT) in May 2015 when concerns about delayed rainfall in southern and western parts of the country prompted Indian officials to increase imports from Myanmar. Pulse exports gradually declined in September and October as new-crop pulse and bean supplies in India began to enter the market.

Border exports of beans and pulses along the Myanmar and India border totaled 284, 262 MT in 2015.

Market Overview

Strong export demand, particularly from India and China, led domestic prices for all types of beans and pulses to increase sharply in 2015. Matpe bean prices in Mandalay (largest market for pulses) steadily increased between January and November and reached a 20-year record high at US$1,640/MT in October when domestic supplies dwindled and demand for Matpe seeds for sowing increased.

Domestic prices for Toor Whole beans also increased in 2015 and surpassed Mapte prices in August and September. Prices eventually declined in December due to the arrival of new crop supplies into the domestic market. Domestic prices for Mung bean also rose minimally.

Export Prospect

Bean and pulse exports are likely to increase during January and February 2016 due to new crop supplies entering the domestic market