- Apr 1 - Argentina grants export licenses for 262,145 MT of feed and milling wheat

- Kazakh Ag Min said Kazakhstan exported 6.457 MMT of grain between July 1-March 31, 2015/16 vs. 4.862 MMT a year ago, incl. flour – 2.169 MMT in wheat equivalent vs. 1.843 MT in the same period of 2014/15

- Russia's Ag Min said Russia exported about 28.083 MMT of grain between July 1-Mar 30, 2015/16, up by 6.6% from 26.335 MMT a year ago, including:

  • wheat – 20.581 MMT (19.465 MMT a year ago);
  • barley – 3.88 MMT (4.482 MMT);
  • corn – 3.379 MMT (1.963 MMT);
  • others – 243 TMT (425 TMT)

- Russia has 3,149,900 MT of grain in its federal intervention fund as of March 31

- International Grains Council (IGC) expects world wheat production to fall to 713 MMT from an estimated 734 MMT in 2015/16. It projects carryover stocks at 211 MMT in 2016/17, down 3 MMT from the year prior

- Ukrainian meteorologist says country's 2016 wheat harvest could decline by 35% and fall short of 17 MMT this year because of unfavourable weather during autumn sowing

- Apr 2 - Egypt's GASC has postponed an international rice tender until Tuesday, April 5


- Apr 1 - Three South Korean groups have purchased a total 192,000 MT of yellow corn from the US or South America in private deals:

  • Korea Feed Association (KFA), Busan section, bought about 60,000 MT of corn for arrival around Aug 30 at 170.90 $/mt c&f;
  • Major Feedmill Group (MFG) purchased some 69,000 MT of corn for arrival around July 25, also at 170.90 $/mt c&f;
  • Feed Leaders' Committee (FLC) bought 63,000 MT of corn for arrival around Aug 10 at 170.17 $/mt c&f.

Each of the three purchases also involves an additional 1.25 $/mt surcharge for additional port unloading

- Apr 1 - Argentina grants export licenses for 40,000 MT of corn

- Brazil's Trade Ministry reported March corn exports at 2.024 MMT, down from 5.374 MMT in February but well above than 675,400 MT in the year ago month. Corn exports totaled a record 11.8 MMT from January through March, up from 4.9 MMT over the same period a year ago

- Brazil's Trade Ministry reported March ethanol exports at 207,101 million liters, down from 306.161 mln liters in February but up from 111,015 mln liters last March

- IGC projected world corn production would climb to 993 MMT in 2016/17, up from the prior season's 972 million but still below a record 1.02 billion harvested in the 2014/15. It projected corn carryover at 208 MMT, up 2 MMT from the year prior

- US total corn consumed for alcohol and other uses was 470.2 million bushels in February 2016, down 4% from Jan 2016 but up 7% from Feb 2015

- US dry mill co-product production of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGs) was 1.8 million tons during February 2016, down 4% from Jan 2016 but up 11% from Feb 2015

- US wet mill corn gluten feed production was 312 thousand tons during February 2016, down 3% from Jan 2016 but up 10% from Feb 2015


- Cuba seeks 160,000 MT of US soymeal for June-Nov shipment under credit

- As China reforms its corn market, Chinese farmers plan to shift to grow soybean, rice and peanuts. In 2016, China's soybean output is expected to rise by up to 2 MMT and increase faster in future years with improved seed technology and a bigger acreage

- AgRural estimated the 2015/16 Brazilian soybean crop at 60% sold by the end of March compared to 53% last year. Harvesting came in at 76% complete

- Brazil's Trade Ministry reported March soybean exports at 8.375 MMT, up from 2.037 TMT in February and 5.592 MMT a year ago. Soybean exports over the 1 quarter totaled 10.8 MMT, up from 6.54 MMT in the same three months a year ago. Also Brazil exported 1.497 MMT of soymeal in Mar versus 838,195 MT the month before and 1.335 MMT year ago; and 109.7 TMT of soyoil compared to 44.3 TMT in Feb and 62.8 TMT year ago

- IGC projects global soybean production will dip 3 MMT in 2016/17 to 320 MMT, with carryover stocks expected to fall 6 MMT from 2015/16 to 33 MMT

- USDA estimated US February soybean crush for crude oil at 4.639 million tons, below the average market expectation (4.65) and down from 4.814 million tons in January 2016. Crude soyoil stocks climbed to 1.88 billion lbs as of Feb 29 from 1.724 in Jan, while refined oil stocks were at 400,798 million lbs as of Feb 29 vs. 386,338 in Jan. February US soy cake and meal stocks fell to 330,057 tons from 368,063 in Jan

- Strategie Grains trimmed its 2016 EU rapeseed crop estimate to 21.43 MMT down 70,000 MT from previous and down 2.3% from the 2015 harvest (21.93 MMT)

- Strategie Grains lifted its 2016 EU sunflower crop estimate to 8.49 MMT from previous estimate of 8.44 MMT, up 11.3% from the 2015 harvest (7.63 MMT)

- Strategie Grains left its 2016 EU soybean crop forecast at 2.5 MMT, unchanged from previous and up 12% on year (2.23 MMT in 2015)