- Apr 5 - Morocco seeks 134,000 MT of soft wheat in the local market for subsidized flour production

- Weekly US wheat export sales data for week ended March 10 of 372,200 MT, incl. 212,900 MT for 2015/16, were within trade expectations (300-550 TMT). Total current marketing-year US wheat export sales are 18% behind the same point last year

- EU in week ended March 15 granted licenses to export 735 TMT of soft wheat, bringing the total this season to 20.131 MMT vs. 22.922 MMT a year ago

- EU in week ended March 11 awarded licenses to import 85,985 MT of Ukrainian wheat under an annual duty-free quota. The award meant that the EU had now awarded almost 811,975 MT or 85.5% out of a total volume of 950,000 MT available in 2016

- Stratégie Grains raised its forecast of the 2016 EU soft wheat crop by 1 MMT from February to 143.6 MMT (150.7 MMT in 2015), citing an increase in projected output in Romania and the Baltic countries. It estimates the EU will export 28.8 MMT of soft wheat in 2015/16, up 500,000 MT from its peg the month prior, as sales picked up in Poland, and 30.4 MMT in 2016/17, down 200,000 MT from February. Soft wheat ending stocks for the EU in 2016/17 were pegged at 14.3 MMT (13.3 MMT estimate in Feb), down from 16.6 MMT (17.2 MMT in Feb) this season

- FranceAgriMer said 92% of soft wheat crops were in good and excellent condition as of Mar 14, down a point from last week but still above 91% on the comparable date last year; durum rating at 88% in good to excellent, unchanged from last week and vs. 85% a year ago

- Ukraine Ag Min says 15% of winter grains will have to be replanted and 30% are in weak condition

- India's industry body ASSOCHAM says bad weather will shave off at least 13 MMT from the farm ministry's latest wheat crop forecast of 93.8 MMT for 2016; also is urging government to cut wheat import tax to 5-10% from 25% now

- Russian grain stocks were at 27.5 MMT as of March 1, up 5.4% from a year earlier (26.1 MMT as of Mar 1, 2015). The data does not include grain stored at small farms


- Mar 24 - Morocco's ONICL seeks 160,000 MT of barley from the local market. The barley, which could be imported or come from the local harvest, will be redistributed as a subsidized grain

- India has cancelled a tender to import 240,000 MT of non-GM corn, hoping for a bigger-than-expected local summer harvest. Global traders such as Agrocorp, Concordia, Noble, Starcom and Daewoo International submitted bids on Feb 12 to supply 240,000 MT of corn in the range of 194.62 and 221.50 $/mt. By cancelling the latest import tender, India has put off plans to import any more for now. In a previous tender, New Delhi secured supplies of 250,000 MT of Ukrainian corn. Of the 250,000 MT, PEC has already received about 130,000 MT and ships carrying another 120,000 MT are plying international waters

- Weekly US corn export sales data for week ended Mar 10 of 1,288,400 MT, incl. 1,227,000 MT for 2015/16, topped of trade forecasts ranging from 700 to 1250 TMT. Total current marketing-year US corn export sales are 18% behind the same point last year

- Due to a surge in late-season planting, Argentina's usual corn export window will be delayed by two months into August. Farmers sold huge amounts of the corn reserves after Macri prompted a 30-% peso devaluation in December by lifting currency controls, making Argentine corn exports more profitable in the local currency. January corn exports grew to 1.78 MMT versus 1.015 MMT in January 2015. February exports jumped to 2.12 MMT from 778,267 MT in the same month last year

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange maintains its 2015/16 Argentine corn crop estimate at 25 MMT (28.2 MMT in 2014/15). Harvesting of Argentine corn crop was 4% completed as of Mar 17, behind of last year's pace of 5.6%

- EU in week ended Mar 15 awarded 193 TMT of corn (maize) import certificates, taking the volume so far this season to 10.137 MMT vs. 6.516 MMT a year ago

- EU in week ended Mar 15 granted licenses to export 5 TMT of corn, bringing the total this season to 1.14 MMT vs. 2.079 MMT a year ago

- EU in week ended Mar 15 granted licenses to export 81 TMT of barley, bringing the total this season to 7.543 MMT vs. 6.494 MMT a year ago

- Stratégie Grains left its 2016 EU corn crop forecast at 63.9 MMT, up 6.5 MMT from last season's crop that was hit by drought

- Stratégie Grains slightly trimmed its 2016 EU barley crop forecast to 60.1 MMT (60.2 MMT previously)

- FranceAgriMer said 91% of France's winter barley crops were in good to excellent condition as of Mar 14, unchanged from prior week but above 90% a year ago

- FranceAgriMer estimated spring barley planting 47% done as of Mar 14, behind of last year's pace of 76%

- Ukrainian farmers have sown 583,000 ha of early spring grain or 23% of the initial area as of March 18 vs. 237,000 ha (or 10%) a year ago. Ukraine's Ag Min estimates spring barley planting 23% (or 457,000 ha) done


- Weekly US soybean export sales data for week ended Mar 10 of 858,800 MT, incl. 623,700 MT for 2015/16, were above the trade expectations ranging from 400,000 to 700,000 MT. Total current marketing-year US soybean export sales are 9% behind the same point last year

- AgroConsult expects farmers in Brazil to increase soybean plantings by 600,000 hectares in 2016/17

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange maintains its forecast for 2015/16 Argentine sunflower crop at 2.45 MMT, down 2% from 2014/15 crop (2.5 MMT). Harvesting of Argentine sunseed crop was 62% completed as of Mar 17, ahead of last year's pace of 60.3%

- French assembly adopts softer tax on palm oil used in food. Lawmakers on Friday agreed to introduce the new tax gradually to soften its impact. The tax would now start at 30 euros ($34) in 2017 and rise by 20 euros per year to 90 euros in 2020, rather than start at a flat rate of 90 euros. The new levy, which would add to an existing tax of 104 €/mt, would be well below the upper house's original proposal that started at 300 euros