- Mar 2 - Egypt's GASC bought 120,000 MT of Romanian and 60,000 MT of Ukrainian wheat for April 5-14 delivery:

  • 60,000 MT of Romanian wheat from Ameropa at 184.38 $/mt c&f (179.5 $/mt fob+4.88 $/mt freight);
  • 60,000 MT of Romanian wheat from Cerealcom Dolj at 184.38 $/mt c&f (176.93 $/mt fob+7.45 $/mt freight);
  • 60,000 MT of Ukrainian wheat from Louis Dreyfus at 185.38 $/mt c&f (176.5 $/mt fob+8.88 $/mt freight)

- Philippines bought 60,000 MT of French feed wheat for April

- India recently bought 60,000 MT of Australian prime wheat at 230 $/mt c&f for arrival in April

- Mexico last week bought French and Russian wheat

- Bunge will deliver a cargo of French wheat that Egypt rejected in December to Spain

- Kazakh Ag Min said Kazakhstan exported 5.745 MMT of grain between July 1-February 29, 2015/16 vs. 4.427 MMT a year ago, incl. flour – 1.899 MMT in wheat equivalent vs.1.684 MT in the same period of 2014/15

- Informa Economics estimates world 2016 wheat crop near 708.6 MMT vs 734.5 MMT in 2015 (EU – 150.0 MMT vs 158.0 MMT in 2015, FSU – 104.4 MMT vs 117.5 MMT and India – 87.0 MMT vs 88.9 MMT)

- FAO's first production forecast for wheat in 2016 stands at 723 MMT, or 1.4% (10 MMT) below the record output achieved in 2015. The projected decrease would be mostly on account of reductions in winter plantings in the Russia and Ukraine, largely driven by dry-weather conditions. On the other hand, more favourable growing conditions are anticipated to sustain near-record harvests in China and Pakistan, while helping production to recover in India. In the US, early prospects put production at just below the 2015 level, as higher yields are expected to make up for reduced winter plantings

- Feb 26 - South Korea's Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp bought 25,000 MT of US and Indian rice for May-June shipment: 10,000 MT of US rice at 734.42 $/mt ;10,000 MT of US rice at 698.61 $/mt and 5,000 MT of Indian rice at 383.46 $/mt


- Mar 2 - Jordan bought 100,000 MT of barley, probably Romanian, from Cerealcom Dolj at 180 $/mt c&f for July-August shipment

- Informa Economics raised its estimate for Brazil's 2015/16 all-corn production by 900,000 MT to 82.5 MMT, from 81.6 MMT last month

- FC Stone increased its estimate for Brazil's first corn crop to 28.19 MMT from 27.59 MMT previous and second (safrinha) crop to 56.04 MMT from 53.46 MMT previously for a total production of 84.23 MMT

- Informa Economics upped its estimate for Argentina's upcoming 2015/16 corn harvest to 27 MMT from 26 MMT previously

- US Ethanol production for the week ended Feb 26 fell by 7,000 barrels to 987,000 barrels per day, it is up 6% from last year's level of 931,000 bpd. Stocks decreased by 481,000 barrels to 22.624 million barrels, but up 5% vs. 21.528 million barrels a year ago


- Mar 8 - Egypt's GASC seeks at least 10,000 MT of sunflower oil and 15,000 MT of soybean oil for April 1-10 shipment

- Mar 2 - Egypt's FIHC bought 30,000 MT of soyoil from ADM at 713 $/mt c&f and 12,000 MT of sunflower oil from Glencore at 805 $/mt c&f both with immediate payment and for April 15-30 shipment

- China bought 25,000 MT of Canadian canola oil

- Informa Economics raised its 2015/16 soybean crop estimate for Brazil by 800,000 MT to 101.3 MMT

- FC Stone raised its soybean crop estimate for Brazil by 600,000 MT to 98.6 MMT

- Informa Economics lowered its estimate for 2015/16 Argentine soybean production to 59 MMT, from 60 MMT last month