- Mar 3 - The Taiwan Flour Millers' Association seeks 100,975 MT of grade 1 milling wheat from the US for April-May shipment

- Mar 1 - Jordan seeks 100,000 MT of optional origin hard milling wheat

- Feb 26 - Saudi Arabia's SAGO seeks 770,000 MT of hard wheat for April-June

- Feb 25 - Tunisia seeks 50,000 MT of durum wheat for Aug-Oct shipment

- Feb 25 - Egypt's GASC seeks an unspecified amount of wheat from global suppliers for Mar 26-Apr 4 shipment

- Feb 24 - Philippines bought around 110,000 MT of feed wheat from any optional origins excluding India and Brazil. Some 55,000 MT was purchased at around 180 $/mt c&f for May shipment and other 55,000 MT at about 181.50 $/mt c&f for June shipment

- Feb 24 - Thailand rejected all offers and made no purchase in an international tender for 256,600 MT of feed wheat for Aug-Dec shipment, citing on too high prices

- Russian wheat prices rose last week as the government had yet to decide on whether to change its export tax system

- Russian Grain Union says that some Russian farmers have switched to sowing corn instead of wheat due to costs imposed by a wheat export tax. According to Ag Min data, Russian farmers will sow 13.18 million hectares of spring wheat this year, 367,500 ha less than a year ago


- Mar 2 - Jordan seeks 100,000 MT of optional origin feed barley

- Feb 24 - USDA announced export sales of 110,000 MT of US corn for delivery to Colombia during 2015/16

- Market participants are now waiting for the USDA to release acreage forecasts at its annual two-day Outlook Forum that are expected to say that farmers will plant more corn and soybeans this year than last year

- Feb 23 - Brazil's Conab sold only 38,400 MT of corn out of 150,000 MT offered in domestic stocks auction

- High domestic corn prices in Brazil are encouraging farmers to increase safrinha (second crop) corn plantings from earlier expectations

- Some Russian farmers have switched to sowing corn instead of wheat. According to Ag Min data, sowing area for corn will rise by 197,300 ha (or 7%) to 2.99 mln ha

- SAGIS estimated South Africa's corn stocks as of Jan 31 were at 3.258 MMT vs. 3.905 MMT a month ago and 4.018 MMT a year ago

- SAGIS estimated S. Africa's May-Jan 2015/16 corn exports at 643,629 MT vs. 1.93 MMT a year ago

- SAGIS estimated S. Africa's May-Jan 2015/16 corn imports at 910,830 MT vs. zero a year ago. Shipments of yellow corn came from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay; white corn from Mexico and Zambia

- Ukrainian farmers started seeding of early spring grain crops due to favorable weather; last year sowing started on Mar 5

- US Ethanol production for the week ended Feb 19 rose by 19,000 barrels to 994,000 barrels per day, it is up 5% from last year's level of 947,000 bpd. Meanwhile, stocks decreased by 113,000 barrels to 23.105 million barrels, but up 7% vs. 21.594 million barrels a year ago


- Feb 24 - Egypt's GASC bought 61,000 MT of soybean oil and 28,000 MT of sunflower oil for March 15-30 shipment:

  • 31,000 MT of soybean oil from ADM at 741 $/mt c&f
  • 30,000 MT of soybean oil from Nidera at 741 $/mt c&f
  • 12,000 MT of sunflower oil from Nidera at 807 $/mt c&f
  • 16,000 MT of sunflower oil from Aston at 807 $/mt c&f

- Surveyor Intertek Testing Services estimated Malaysia's Feb 1-25 palm oil exports at 787,693 MT down 14.8% from a month ago

- Some traders say that India may raise its vegetable oil import tax next week