- Jan 10 - Bangladesh seeks 50,000 MT of milling wheat (12.5% protein, min. test weight of 76 kilos/hectoliter). The deadline for offers is Jan 10, with validity up to Jan 20, and the wheat is to be shipped within 40 days of the signing of the contract. In its previous tender of Dec 8, Bangladesh bought 50,000 MT of wheat at 233.96 $/mt cif from Phoenix Commodities

- US wheat export inspections for week, ending December 24, recorded 305,472 MT, within the range of market forecasts (275-400 TMT). Inspections for 2015/16 are running 12.9% behind year-ago

- Preliminary data indicated Russia's 2015 grain harvest at 104.3 MMT, down 1% from last year (105.3 MMT in 2014), including 61.79 MMT of wheat (59.7 MMT), 17.55 MMT of barley (20.4 MMT) and 12.69 MMT of corn (11.3 MMT)

- Dec 29 - Russia bought 24,165 MT of intervention grain (23,490 MT of wheat and 675 MT of rye) via tender on the NTB (Moscow Exchange). Making the total bought since Aug 20 at 1,340,415 MT of Russian grain (1,302,210 MT of wheat, 17,685 MT of rye and 20,520 MT of barley). Separately Russia bought 59,046 MT of Crimean wheat in intervention fund between Aug 19-Dec 29 via tenders on Crimean Exchange

- Ukraine winter wheat 87% emerged as of Dec 24 (86% as of Dec 17), crop conditions unchanged week to week with concerns a cold snap would affect plants weakened by drought. 30% were rated as good, 36% satisfactory and 33% in poor condition

- Flooding in southern Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas may threaten that region's soft red winter wheat

- Brazil's anti-trust agency Cade approved a joint venture between Gavilon, the US-based grains trading company owned by Japan's Marubeni Corp, and SA Moageira e Agrícola, a Brazilian wheat miller and distributor


- US corn export inspections for week, ending Dec 24, reported 570,923 MT, in line with analysts' estimates (550-675 TMT). Inspections for 2015/16 are running 21.4% behind year-ago

- There are talks that China booked 3-5 cargoes of Ukrainian corn for March-May shipment


- US soybean export inspections for week, ending Dec 24, reported 1,402,756 MT, in line with trade expectations (1.3-1.5 MMT). Inspections for the 2015/16 marketing year are running 11.4% behind year-ago

- Brazil's Mato Grosso region received much needed rains over Christmas, while updated weather models called for beneficial moisture this week