- Russia's Ag Min said Russia exported about 18.618 MMT of grain between July 1-Dec 16, 2015, down by 5% from 19.666 MMT a year ago, including:

  • wheat – 14.05 MMT (15.52 MMT a year ago)
  • barley – 2.86 MMT (2.949 MMT)
  • corn – 1.552 MMT (966 TMT)
  • others – 155 TMT (231 TMT)

- Russia bought 1,215,675 MT of Russian grain (1,181,925 MT of wheat, 13,230 MT of rye and 20,520 MT of barley) between Aug 20-Dec 16 via tenders on the NTB (Moscow Exchange). Separately Russia bought 59,046 MT of Crimean wheat in intervention fund between Aug 19-Dec 16 via tenders on Crimean Exchange

- Russia has 2.325 MMT of grain in its federal intervention fund as of December 17

- SovEcon expects Russia to ship 3.2-3.3 MMT of grain this month, including 2.4-2.5 MMT of wheat. In November, the country shipped 3 MMT of grain, including 2 MMT of wheat

- Tunisia said that it's 2015 grain harvest had fallen 44%, with wheat output down 40% at 913 TMT, and a barley crop 53% lower at 364 TMT. That could mean total grain imports in 2015/16 rising to around 3.5 MMT, up 20% on last season and 15% above the seasonal average

- China's November wheat imports up in 4.5 times on year to 196,971 MT

- China's Jan-Nov wheat imports down 5.65% on year to 2.8 MMT


- Argentine farmers are slowly starting to sell their soy and corn stockpiles after devaluation. Selling expected to pick up substantially over the coming weeks, once there is less uncertainty about the exchange rate

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier said that exact amount of grain held by Argentine farmers is uncertain, but it's believed farmers hold between 10-15 MMT of soybeans and around 1-2 MMT of corn

- Dr. M.Cordonnier said Argentine corn acreage could expand by 20-30% in 2016/17 as farmers revert back to a more normal rotation between corn and soybeans

- South African maize futures at record high due to dryness; dry weather is likely to persist for the rest of the southern hemisphere summer

- China imported just 18,674 MT of corn last month, which was a 93% decrease from last year and down 56% from previous month, as buyers have used up their import quotas for this year. Corn purchases through November this year stand at nearly 4.6 MMT, in 2.3 times increased from a year ago


- Oil World says Brazilian soybean exports will most likely decline in 2016 to 53 MMT (53.96 MMT in 2015), due to unusually small carry-over stocks of 1.4-1.5 MMT at the beginning of Jan 2016 as well as a smaller soybean crop than currently estimated by most observers (97 MMT vs. 99-102 MMT market expectations)

- Oil World sees Bangladesh soybean imports are virtually doubling to 1.1 MMT in 2015, driven by sharply rising protein demand for livestock feed

- China's November palm oil imports down 2.6% on year to 462,528 MT

- China's Jan-Nov palm oil imports up 11% on year to 5.2 MMT

- Surveyor Intertek Testing Services estimated Malaysia's Dec 1-20 palm oil exports at 728,421 MT down 24.9% from a month ago

- Surveyor SGS estimated Malaysia's Dec 1-20 palm oil exports at 744,563 MT down 25.1% from a month ago