Domestic Soybean Prices in China for different origins (1 USD = 6.4 RMB)

ShuangyashanYouyi1600250National Standard of The 3rd Class
QiqiharKeshan1880294Selected Soybeans
SuihuaHailun1900297Sieved to ≥4.0
Wangkui1900297Sieved to ≥4.0
HubeiQianjiang2100328Commerical Soybeans
ShanghaiShanghai2210345Produced in Northeast China
GuangdongGuanghzhou2180341Produced in Northeast China
GuizhouGuizhou2230348Produced in Northeast China
ChongqingChongqing2370370Produced in Hubei Province
Liaoning AreaDalian Port3050477The PNW Soybeans
Tianjin AreaTianjin Port3010470Argentina's Soybeans
Tianjin Port3000469The PNW Soybeans
Tianjin Port3000469The U.S. Gulf Soybeans
Tianjin Port3150492Uruguay Soybeans
Shandong AreaQingdao Port2990467Argentine Soybeans
Qingdao Port3000469The PNW Soybeans
Qingdao Port2960463The U.S. Gulf Soybeans