- Nov 25 - Egypt's GASC seeks cargos of 55-60 TMT of wheat for Dec 21-31 shipment

- Nov 25 - Japan bought 45,140 MT of feed grain (29,290 MT of wheat and 15,850 MT of barley) for February arrive via SBS-tender. New SBS tender for 120,000 tons of feed wheat and 200,000 tons of feed barley will be held on December 2

- Nov 24 - Jordan again canceled a tender to buy 100,000 MT of wheat for Feb-March shipment

- Nov 25 - Russia bought 67,230 MT of intervention grain (all wheat) via tender on the NTB (Moscow Exchange). Making the total bought since Aug 20 at 877,230 MT of Russian grain (846,720 MT of wheat, 12,825 MT of rye and 17,685 MT of barley)

- USDA expects US farm income to fall 38% in 2015 to 13-year low, due to lower crop and livestock prices


- South Africa bought 2 cargos of new crop Argentine corn

- SAGIS estimated South Africa's corn stocks as of Oct 31 were at 5.421 MMT vs. 6.198 MMT a month ago and 6.49 MMT a year ago

- SAGIS estimated S. Africa's May-October 2015 corn exports at 408,522 MT vs. 1.708 MMT a year ago

- SAGIS estimated S. Africa's May-October 2015 corn imports at 447,911 MT vs. zero a year ago

- Soy grower Los Grobo said Argentine grains output could climb by 50% over the next three years thanks to a change of government. Currently Argentina is the world's fourth biggest corn exporter, No. 3 soybean exporter and No. 1 supplier of soymeal


- Oil World said EU had imported 7.17 MMT of oilmeals in the final quarter of 2014/15, up from 6.55 MMT a year ago. That brings the total 2014/15 oilmeal imports to 27.14 MMT vs. 26.61 MMT in 2013/14. Soymeal accounted for almost 77% (20.86 MMT) of 2014/15 imports.

- Oil World estimated EU's 2015 sunflower crop at a 3-year low of 7.76 MMT, down 13% on year

- India's rapeseed output looks likely to fall this year as poor soil moisture and higher temperatures drag down the acreage planted. Indian farmers have so far planted rapeseed on 4.25 million hectares, down 21.4% from year ago. SEA estimated this year acreage down 10-15% compared with last year. Last year India's rapeseed production dropped 23% to 5 MMT. So India's vegetable oil imports will rise again in 2015/16

- Surveyor Intertek Testing Services estimated Malaysia's Nov 1-25 palm oil exports at 1,200,107 MT steady from a month ago

- Surveyor SGS estimated Malaysia's Nov 1-25 palm oil exports at 1,215,953 MT down 0.8% from a month ago