- Nov 12 - Jordan tenders again for 100,000 MT of optional-origin hard milling wheat

- Nov 10 - Taiwan is tendering for 92,000 MT of US #1 milling wheat for Dec-Jan shipment

- Mauritius has again extended the deadline for offer submissions in an international tender to buy 51,000 MT of wheat flour for shipment during 2016 this time to Nov 10. The deadline was originally Oct 21 and had been extended once to Nov 3

- Nov 5 - Japan bought 129,663 MT of food wheat for Dec-Jan shipment:

  • 35,100 MT of western white US wheat
  • 13,690 MT of hard red winter US wheat
  • 55,653 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat
  • 25,220 MT of Australian standard white

- Iran said it would raise the price it pays to its local farmers for durum and milling wheat by 10% and for barley by 9% for the next fiscal year. The new Iranian fiscal year starts on March 20, 2016

- Heavy rain falling along Australia's east coast could put up to half of wheat production there at risk of quality downgrades

- Philippines plans to import extra 1.3 MMT of rice in 2016. The 1.3 MMT would be on top of 500,000 MT that Philippines already bought from Vietnam and Thailand for shipment in the first quarter of 2016

- Indonesia has reached a tentative agreement to import 500,000 MT of rice from Thailand


- Nov 4 - Taiwan Sugar Corp bought 23,000 MT of US corn at 206.4 $/mt c&f for shipment in January

- Sinograin says Chinese government may buy 58-60 MMT of domestic corn for reserves vs. prior talk of 40-50 MMT; Cofco analyst says corn prices may bottom if purchases are close to 60 MMT

- China's large stockpiles of corn has them looking to implement an arable land fallow and rotation system in some regions

- Argentine farmers sit on grains in hope of tax change

- Brazilian corn exports set a record in October, due to competitive local prices for the grain that are undercutting US Gulf port shipments, even as the North American harvest enters its final leg. Brazil shipped 5.55 MMT of corn last month, up from the previous record of 3.95 MMT set in October 2013 and up from 3.5 MMT in Sept and 3.2 MMT a year ago. Brazilian corn exports in November could reach nearly 6 MMT

- US Ethanol production for the week ended Oct 30 rose by 25,000 barrels to 969,000 barrels per day, it is up 4.3% from last year's level (929,000 bpd). Stocks climbed by 501,000 barrels to 18.774 million barrels, up 9.3% vs. 17.169 million barrels a year ago


- Nov 4 - Taiwan Sugar Corp bought 12,000 MT of US soybeans at 384 $/mt c&f for shipment in January

- Pakistan bought around 40,000 MT of soymeal from Argentina and 70,000 MT of canola to be sourced from Canada or Australia

- Brazil exported 2.59 MMT of soybeans in Oct 2015, down from 3.7 MMT in Sept but well above 741,000 MT last Oct

- USDA attaché in Brazil estimated the country's 2015/16 soybean crop at a record 98.5 MMT and exports at 55 MMT

- Indonesia has raised the minimum biodiesel blending level from 10% to 15% and will adjust it further in 2016 to 20%

- ADM spent about $20 million last month to increase its stake in Wilmar International Ltd, the world's largest palm oil processor, to 18.5%. In March, ADM increased its stake in Wilmar to 18.1% from 17.3%