The Egypt's state grain buyer, the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC) on Thursday, October 29, bought 120,000 MT of French, 60,000 MT of Polish and 60,000 MT of Romanian wheat for December 1-10 delivery:

  • 60 TMT of Romanian wheat from Ameropa at 206.86 $/mt c&f (199.99 $/mt fob+6.87 $/mt freight from Ameropa)
  • 60 TMT of Polish wheat from ADM at 209.17 $/mt c&f (195.74 $/mt fob+13.43 $/mt freight from Mina Egypt)
  • 60 TMT of French wheat from Soufflet at 211.76 $/mt c&f (197.64 $/mt fob+14.12 $/mt freight from United Marine)
  • 60 TMT of French wheat from Bunge at 209.86 $/mt c&f (198.24 $/mt fob+11.62 $/mt freight from United Marine)

It was the fourteenth tender since the start of the new fiscal year. GASC has bought 2.355 MMT (1.41 MMT from Russia, 360 TMT from Romania, 345 TMT from Ukraine, 180 TMT from France and 60 TMT from Poland) of wheat on the international market since July 1, the start of the 2015/16.