- Oct 27 - Syria's Hoboob bought 200,000 MT of soft bread-making wheat from optional origins, most likely from the Black Sea region, at 192.50 euros/mt c&f from a Syrian company

- The cheapest offer for wheat in a big tender held by Ethiopia's state buyer came from Phoenix Commodities Ltd at 233.26 $/mt c&f free out (195 $/mt fob+33.75 $/mt for freight+4.51 $/mt for other financial charges). Ethiopia received 10 offers for a total of 1.4 MMT and asked the other suppliers to match Phoenix's offer. Most rival offers so far have been $10 or more higher than the offer by Phoenix, with the most expensive coming in at 265 $/mt

- South Korea's CJ bought 51,100 MT of US wheat for March shipment

- USDA said 83% of the US winter wheat is planted as of October 25, matching last year's pace, but below the market expectations (85% average, 83-88% range) and the 5-year average pace of 85%. USDA estimated winter wheat condition at 47% good to excellent as of Oct 25 vs. 59% a year ago

- US wheat export inspections for week, ending October 22, recorded 317,079 MT, on a low side of analysts' estimates (300-450 TMT)

- Oct 27- Russia bought 120,555 MT of intervention grain (117,045 MT of wheat and 3,510 MT of barley) via tender on the NTB (Moscow Exchange). Making the total bought since Aug 20 at 153,225 MT of Russian grain (142,020 MT of wheat, 7,425 MT of rye and 3,780 MT of barley)

- MARS raised its estimate for the soft wheat yield in this year's EU harvest to 5.86 MT per hectare (mt/ha) from 5.81 mt/ha last month. This is down 4.6% from 2014 but 3.4% above the five-year mean

- Thailand's cabinet approved measures worth about 40 billion baht ($1.13 billion) to help rice farmers


- Oct 28 - Israeli group seeks up to 125,000 MT of optional origin corn for Dec-March shipment; 35,000 MT of feed wheat and 15,000 MT of feed barley, both of optional origins for Jan-Feb shipment

- USDA estimated 75% of the US's corn crop was harvested as of Oct 25, which compares to 44% last year and the five-year average of 68%. Traders expected corn harvest 68-77% (74% average) complete

- US corn export inspections for week, ending Oct 22, reported 413,304 MT, below analysts' expectations (475-675 TMT)

- The EU's crop monitoring service MARS raised its yield estimate for the bloc's 2015 corn crop to 6.47 mt/ha from 6.43 mt/ha last month. This would still be 20.7% less than last year's yield (8.16 mt/ha) and 8.0% below the five-year average (7.04 mt/ha)

- SAGIS estimated South Africa's corn stocks as of Sept 30 were at 6.228 MMT vs. 7.42 MMT a year ago

- SAGIS estimated S. Africa's May- September 2015 corn exports at 335,045 MT vs. 1.554 MMT a year ago

- SAGIS estimated S. Africa's May- September 2015 corn imports at 403,633 MT vs. 0 MT a year ago

- MARS estimates EU barley (winter and spring) yield at 4.65 mt/ha against 4.63 mt/ha estimated last month, down 5.1% from 2014 (4.9 mt/ha), but still 3.5% above the five-year average (4.49 mt/ha)

- China imported an all-time record high of 121,625 cubic meter ethanol in September, more than double the 53,530 cu m in August and topping the previous high of 69,076 cu m in July


- Oct 27 - South Korea's MFG seeks up to 120,000 MT of optional origin soybean meal (from either US, South America, or China) for May arrival

- Oct 26 - USDA announced export sales of 120,000 MT of US soybeans for delivery to China during 2015/16

- Poland bought 65,000 MT of Argentine soymeal for Dec-March shipment

- Cuba bought US soymeal for Dec-Jan and Argentine soymeal for Feb-June shipment

- USDA said that 87% of the US soybean crop was harvested as of Oct 25, in line with market forecasts (86% average, 82-89%), but ahead of last year's pace of 68% and the five-year average of 80%

- US soybean export inspections for week, ending Oct 22, reported 2,671,934 MT, topping a range of trade forecasts (1.8-2.1 MMT)

- An industry group in India, COOIT, sees soybean output at 7.2 MMT in 2015, down 15.3% from last year due to inconsistent rainfall in the top two states

- AgRural pegs Brazil's soybean planting is 20% complete vs. 16% last year, but behind the long-term average of 30%

- MARS left its estimate for the EU's 2015 rapeseed yield unchanged from last month at 3.25 mt/ha, down 10.3% on last year (3.62 mt/ha) but still 3.7% above the five-year average (3.13 mt/ha)