- Oct 9 - Saudi Arabia's Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization (GSFMO) seeks 715,000 MT of optional origin hard wheat (12.5% protein) for Dec-Feb shipment. GSFMO is seeking cargoes of 55,000 MT ± 5%, with shipments distributed between the ports of Jeddah (495,000 MT) and Dammam (220,000 MT)

- Oct 8 - Japan bought 119,141 MT of food wheat for Nov-Dec shipment:

  • 12,930 MT of western white US wheat
  • 17,780 MT of hard red winter US wheat
  • 68,141 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat
  • 20,290 MT of Australian standard white wheat

- FAO raised its estimate of global wheat production in 2015 by 6.4 MMT to 734.8 MMT, now slightly exceeding last year's record (732.9 MMT in 2014) due to higher estimates of wheat production in China and the EU

- The National Farmers Union (NFU)'s annual harvest survey results indicate a 6% UK's wheat yield increase to 9.1 mt/ha in 2015, compared with 8.6 mt/ha last year. While planted area was down this year, UK total wheat production is estimated at 16.68 MMT for 2015, a slight increase on the 2014 figure of 16.61 MMT

- Another bumper UK's wheat harvest combined with large carryover, mean that country need to increase wheat exports significantly in 2015/16

- France exported 1.43 MMT of soft wheat outside the EU between July-August up 24% from a year ago. French exports outside the EU reached 749,164 MT in August, led by shipments to top market Algeria (485,339 MT), as well as 72,134 MT for Mexico following rare sales to the Latin American country

- Russian farmers have harvested 99 MMT of grain (incl. 62.6 MMT of wheat, 17.9 MMT of barley and 6.1 MMT of corn) as of Oct 7, down from 101.5 MMT (incl. 59.5 MMT of wheat, 20.7 MMT of barley and 6.4 MMT of corn) a year ago. Yields were at 2.4 mt/ha, down from 2.5 mt/ha a year ago. While 80.5% (or 13.8 mln ha) of winter crops were planted as of Oct 7 vs. 13.4 mln ha year ago


- Celeres estimated Brazil's 2015/16 first corn crop at 30.9 MMT down 0.3% from a year ago

- Celeres estimated Brazil's 2015/16 second corn crop area at 9.64 mln ha up 4.4% from a year ago

- China's top corn region to stockpile less during 2015/16

- FAO's forecast for 2015 global coarse grains output has been lowered by around 5 MMT in recent weeks on less buoyant expectations in the United States and the EU (corn), more than offsetting improved prospects in Brazil. The latest forecast puts this year's global coarse grains production at 1,306.5 MMT, 1.8% below the record of 2014

- French barley exports outside the EU in August were again dominated by China, which accounted for 565,014 MT out of 621,776 MT shipped. Over July-August, exports to China made up 1.26 MMT out of a total of 1.32 MMT, which was in turn more than double the 558,603 MT shipped in the year-earlier period

- US Ethanol production for the week ended Oct 2 increased by 7,000 barrels to 950,000 barrels per day, it is up 5.4% from last year's level (901,000 bpd). Stocks rose by 30,000 barrels to 18.812 million barrels, now slightly up vs. 18.651 million barrels a year ago


- Egypt's FIHC delayed until October 13 its tender to buy 25,000 MT of soybean oil and 9,000 MT of sunflower oil for Dec-Feb shipment

- Oct 7 - South Korea's NOFI bought 52,000 MT of soymeal from Argentina or 55,000 MT from Brazil at 377.44 $/mt c&f plus a 1.50 $/mt surcharge for additional port unloading

- Oct 7 - South Korea's NOFI bought 11,000 MT of copra meal but rejected offers for 12,000 MT of palm kernel and 12,000 MT of rapeseed meal due to high prices

- Thailand canceled tender to buy soymeal for May-June shipment

- Celeres estimated 2015/16 Brazilian soybean crop at 97.1 MMT up 1.2% from 2014/15

- Russian farmers have harvested 1.5 MMT of soybeans from 927,300 ha (46.4%) with yields of 1.57 mt/ha as of Oct 7 vs. 1.3 MMT, 997,000 ha and 1.34 mt/ha a year ago

- Russian farmers have harvested 6.9 MMT of sunflower seed from 4.3 mln ha (63.3%) with yields of 1.6 mt/ha as of Oct 7 vs. 6.4 MMT, 4.3 mln ha and 1.51 mt/ha a year ago

- Russian farmers have harvested 969,200 MT of rapeseed from 726,500 ha (71.8%) with yields of 1.33 mt/ha as of Oct 7, down vs. 1.3 MMT, 908,400 ha and 1.47 mt/ha a year ago

- Malaysian palm oil stocks in September likely jump to the highest level in almost three years