- Iraq seeks at least 50,000 MT of wheat from the US, Canada, Australia, Russia. The tender closes on Oct 18 and offers must remain valid until Oct 22

- Oct 11 - Jordan re-tenders to sell 50,000 MT of Polish hard milling wheat, rejected by Jordan's quality control. Jordan canceled initial tender on Oct 4

- Oct 7 - Iran's state grains agency (GTC) has made an offer to barter some 200,000 MT (8x25 TMT) of Iranian-produced new crop durum wheat for at least 250,000 MT of imported milling wheat

- Oct 3 - Egypt's GASC bought 235,000 MT of Russian and Ukrainian wheat for November 1-10 delivery:

  • 60 TMT of Ukrainian wheat from Venus at 199.3 $/mt c&f (190.3 $/mt fob+ 9 $/mt freight from Venus)
  • 55 TMT of Russian wheat from Glencore at 200.25 $/mt c&f (189.75 $/mt fob+ 10.5 $/mt freight from National Navigation (NNC))
  • 60 TMT of Russian wheat from Louis Dreyfus at 199.44 $/mt c&f (189.84 $/mt fob+ 9.6 $/mt freight from NNC)
  • 60 TMT of Russian wheat from Alegrow at 199.95 $/mt c&f (191.3 $/mt fob+ 8.65 $/mt freight from United Marine)

- Russia's Ag Min said Russia exported about 9.777 MMT of grain between July 1-September 30, 2015, down by 15.2% from 11.528 MMT a year ago, including wheat – 7.637 MMT (vs. 9.851 MMT last year), barley – 1.642 MMT, corn – 438 TMT, other grains – 60 TMT

- Russia has 1,866,300 MT of grain in its federal intervention fund as of October 1

- Kazakhstan's Ag Min said Kazakhstan harvested 16.56 MMT as of Oct 5, up from 14.081 MMT a year ago. Yields were at 1.25 mt/ha, up from 1.18 mt/ha a year ago

- Egypt's Ministry of Trade and Industry has lifted a ban on rice exports due to an expected surplus of the staple and will impose an export tariff of 2,000 EGP/mt (~255.5 $/mt)


- Informa Economics raised its estimate of the US 2015 corn crop to 13.561 billion bu., with a yield of 168.4 bpa compares to its previous 13.487 billion bu. and 167.5 bpa

- Brazil's Trade Ministry reported September corn exports at 3.455 MMT, up 29% from last Sept, and the highest monthly data since Nov 2013

- Nineteen EU member states have requested opt-outs for all or part of their territory from cultivation of a Monsanto genetically-modified crop, which is authorized to be grown in the European Union. The 19 requests are from Austria, Belgium for the Wallonia region, Britain for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany (except for research), Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia


- AgRural said Brazilian soybean producers have sold 37% of the new crop that is still being planted, sharply up from 13% seen at this time last year

- Informa Economics raised its US soybean yield estimate to 47.2 bpa from 47.1 bpa and raised its production projection to 3.878 billion bu. from 3.870 billion bu. previously

- Indonesia and Malaysia plan to set up Council of Palm Oil Producer Countries, which will coordinate palm oil production, manage stocks and stabilize palm prices