- Oct 1 - Japan bought 128,489 MT of food wheat for Oct-Dec shipment:

  • 18,510 MT of western white US wheat
  • 17,220 MT of hard red winter US wheat
  • 27,530 MT of dark northern spring US wheat
  • 32,714 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat
  • 32,515 MT of Australian standard white wheat

- USDA reported US wheat stocks of 2.089 billion bushels as of Sept 1, up from 1.907 billion bushels a year earlier. Analysts, on average, had expected wheat stocks of 2.149 billion bushel

- USDA trimmed its outlook for the 2015/16 US wheat crop to 2.052 billion bushels from 2.136 billion, below analysts' forecasts (2.133 billion bushels), after lowering its forecast for the harvest of all types of wheat except durum

- Oct 1 - Russia cut wheat export tax. The new duty formula is set at 50% of the customs price minus 6,500 RUR/mt (99 $/mt) but not less than 10 RUR/mt. The previous tax formula was set at 50% of the customs price minus 5,500 RUR/mt but not less than 50 RUR/mt

- Russia's July 1-Sept 25 grain exports are estimated at 10.8 MMT vs. 12.6 last year, incl. 8.3 MMT of wheat vs. 9.9 MMT a year ago

- Russia plans to increase its grain production to 130 MMT by 2025

- Russia's Ag Min proposes to increase by average 1,000 RUR/mt purchase price of grain for intervention fund

- Ukraine's Ag Min said Ukraine exported 9.824 MMT of grain between July 1-Oct 1, 2015, including wheat – 5.452 MMT, barley – 2.908 MMT, corn – 1.448 MMT and other grains – 16 TMT. An additional 427 TMT of grain had been loaded on vessels and should leave Ukraine in the coming days

- European Commission raised its 2015 soft wheat crop estimate from 140.6 to 144.6 MMT this month, still below last year's record of 148.7 MMT. EU's executive trimmed its forecast of 2015/16 soft wheat exports from 28.9 MMT to 27.9 MMT, a more than 16% decline on 33.3 MMT last season. That raises carryout at the end of this season to 14.48 MMT, up 32% compared to 2014/15 ending stocks (10.97 MMT), and the highest since 2009/10

- China sold only 2,000 MT of wheat from offered 851,000 MT at auction

- CHS Inc. would be interested in the Canadian grain handling assets of Glencore, but only if they came at a discounted price


- India and Bangladesh are on market for Brazilian corn

- USDA said that US corn stocks as of Sept 1 totaled 1.731 billion bushels, the biggest Sept 1 figure in nine years and up 41% from 1.232 billion bushels a year earlier. Analysts, on average, had expected corn stocks of 1.739 billion bushels

- European Commission trimmed its estimate of 2015 corn harvest to 58.4 MMT from 58.7 MMT a month ago (77.9 MMT in 2014), and increased its barley crop estimate to 59.0 MMT from 57.2 MMT (60.2 MMT)

- Germany, Italy and Bulgaria have told EU they will opt out of growing GMO crops

- US Ethanol production for the week ended September 25 increased by 5,000 barrels to 943,000 barrels per day, it is up 7% from last year's level (881,000 bpd). Stocks fall by 118,000 barrels to 18.782 million barrels, now down vs. 18.828 million barrels a year ago


- Oct 7 - Egypt's FIHC seeks 9,000 MT of sunflower oil for Jan-Feb shipment and 25,000 MT of soybean oil for Dec-Jan shipment

- USDA said that US soybean stocks as of Sept 1 totaled 191 million bushels, a four-year high and up 108% from 92 million bushels a year earlier. Analysts, on average, had expected soybean stocks of 205 million bushels. USDA also lowered its estimate of the soybean crop harvested in 2014 to 3.927 billion bushels from 3.969 billion bushels and below the average expectation of 3.934 billion bushels

- USDA is expected to report total August US soy crush at 142.0 million bushels (140.9-142.7- range), in their first report in four years. NOPA's August crash estimate was at 135.3 million bushels

- Indonesia's export tax for crude palm oil in October at zero percent, unchanged from September

- Indonesian Palm Oil Association said Indonesia's 2016 palm oil production could fall as much as 5% due to El Nino

- European Commission raised its 2015 rapeseed crop estimate to 21.1 MMT from a previous estimate of 20.8 MMT, still below vs. 24.3 MMT in 2014. Sunflower crop is forecasted at 7.74 MMT vs. 9.06 MMT in 2014 and soybean at 1.97 MMT vs. 1.852 MMT a year ago