- Oct 6 ­- Taiwan seeks 89,150 MT of US milling wheat for Nov-Dec shipment

- Sep 25 - South Korea's KFMC bought 23,000 MT of US wheat for Dec-Jan shipment:

  • 11,400 MT of western/soft white (max. 10.5% protein)
  • 6,300 MT of hard red winter (min. 11.5% protein)
  • 5,300 MT of dark/northern spring (min. 14% protein)

- Sep 25 - South Africa raised duties on wheat imports by 78% to 911.20 rand/mt (66 $/mt), the highest on record, to protect local producers after US prices of the grain dropped to the lowest in more than five years this month

- Ukraine's Ag Min said Ukraine exported 8.864 MMT of grain between July 1-Sep 25, 2015 (vs. 7.97 MMT for the same period last year), including wheat – 4.79 MMT (vs. 4.654 MMT a year ago), barley – 2.706 MMT (vs. 2.72 MMT), corn – 1.352 MMT (vs. 493 TMT) and other grains – 16 TMT (vs. 103 TMT). An additional 164 TMT of grain had been loaded on vessels and should leave Ukraine in the coming days

- Coceral raised its estimate of the 2015 EU soft wheat crop to 148.2 MMT from June forecast of 140.6 MMT and now almost exactly level with last season's record crop (148.3 MMT)

- Kazakhstan's Ag Min said Kazakhstan harvested 13.187 MMT as of September 28, up from 12.604 MMT a year ago. Yields were at 1.2 mt/ha, up from 1.16 mt/ha a year ago


- Bangladesh feed mills purchased 150,000 MT of Brazilian corn at 195-200 $/mt c&f for October shipment

- China's weekly state corn sales fall to lowest this year. China only sold 35,861 MT of corn (at an average price of 2,271 yuan/mt) at last week's auction from the offered of 5.4 MMT. The government has sold a total of 4.03 MMT of corn so far this year, just 3.9% of the total volumes offered

- Coceral cut its estimate of the EU-28 corn crop to 59.5 MMT from June forecast of 65.7 MMT, down almost 20% from 73.8 MMT a year ago. Coceral estimated French corn crop at 13.4 MMT vs. 17 MMT a year ago; Romania's - at 8.9 MMT vs. 11.5 MMT and Hungary's at 6.4 MMT vs. 9.1 MMT

- Coceral raised its estimate of the 2015 EU barley crop to 60.3 MMT from June forecast of 56.7 MMT and now slightly above last season's 60.2 MMT


- Sep 25 - USDA announced export sales of 260,000 MT of US soybeans for delivery to China during 2015/16

- South Korea seeks 22,000 MT of soymeal for Feb-March shipment

- Algeria bought 32,000 MT of Argentine soymeal last week

- Coceral estimates the EU-28 rapeseed crop at 21.45 MMT, down from 24.1 MMT a year ago

- Argentine farmer protest scheduled for October 15 asking for farm issues to be put on the national ballot