The Egypt's state grain buyer, the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC) on Friday, September 18, bought 230,000 MT of Russian, French and Ukrainian wheat for October 21-31 delivery:

  • 55 TMT of Ukrainian wheat from Venus at 188.4 $/mt c&f (174.95 $/mt fob+ 13.45 $/mt freight from Venus)
  • 55 TMT of Russian wheat from Glencore at 192.5 $/mt c&f (182.80 $/mt fob+ 9.70 $/mt freight from National Navigation (NNC))
  • 60 TMT of Russian wheat from Olam at 192.5 $/mt c&f (183.95 $/mt fob+ 8.55 $/mt freight from NNC)
  • 60 TMT of French wheat from Soufflet at 193.37 $/mt c&f (177.74 $/mt fob+ 15.63 $/mt freight from NNC)

It was the tenth tender since the start of the new fiscal year. GASC has bought 1.46 MMT (935 TMT from Russia, 285 TMT from Ukraine,180 TMT from Romania and 60 TMT from France) of wheat on the international market since July 1, the start of the 2015/16.

Now Egypt's strategic wheat reserves are enough to last until early March