- Sep 15 - Jordan bought 100,000 MT of milling hard wheat from the Black Sea region (Romania) at 224 $/mt c&f for Nov shipment

- AgroInfoMarket estimated Spain's 2015/16 soft wheat crop at 5.22 MMT vs. previous estimate of 5.25 MMT and down 6.7% from a year ago

- Farmers in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil's second largest wheat producing province, are assessing damage after the region saw a deep freeze on Friday and more freezing temperatures Saturday night. Rio Grande do Sul accounts for 40% of Brazil's wheat production

- Ukraine's Ag Min said, as of now, they don't see any problem with the sowing of winter wheat despite recent dry weather. Over 11% of the winter wheat is planted as of September 15, down from 14% last year

- Ukrainian grain stocks were at 27.2 MMT as of September 1, up 16% from a year earlier, incl. 20.3 MMT of wheat (16.4 MMT a year ago), 3.94 MMT of barley (4.3 MMT a year ago) and 1.51 MMT of corn (1.3 MMT a year ago). The data does not include grain stored at small farms

- Sep 15 - Russia bought 9,180 MT of intervention grain (4,185 MT of wheat and 4,995 MT of rye) from Asian part of country via tender on the NTB (Moscow Exchange)

- Russia's Grain Union forecasts September Russian grain exports at a record 4.7 MMT

- Russian farmers have harvested 84.4 MMT of grain (incl. 56.2 MMT of wheat, 16.3 MMT of barley and 2.0 MMT of corn) as of September 15, down from 86.7 MMT (incl. 52.5 MMT of wheat, 19.3 MMT of barley and 2.4 MMT of corn) a year ago. Yields were at 2.48 mt/ha, down from 2.64 mt/ha a year ago. While 46.1% of winter crops were planted as of September 15

- The Philippines plans to buy more rice on top of its planned 750,000 MT of imports via a tender that will close on Thursday

- Iraq extended the deadline again in a tender to buy at least 30,000 MT of rice, to Thursday, Sep 17. The tender had originally closed on Sep 6, with offers remaining valid until Sep 10, and then deadline had been extended to Sep 14. The lowest offer in the tender was 537 $/mt c&f free out for Indian rice


- Sep 16 - Japan bought 135,891 MT of feed grain (127,583 MT of barley and 8,308 MT of wheat) for February arrive via SBS-tender. New SBS tender for 120,000 tons of feed wheat and 200,000 tons of feed barley will be held on September 30

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier left his US corn yield estimate at 165 bpa and crop at 13.33 billion bu, unchanged from previous week

- AgroInfoMarket estimated Spain's 2015/16 corn crop at 4.01 MMT vs. previous estimate of 4.11 MMT and down 10% from a year ago. While barley crop is expected at around last year's 6.77 MMT


- NOPA said its members crushed 135.304 million bushels of soybeans in August 2015, the largest August crush in eight years, down from 145.227 million bu the previous month, but up 22% from the 110.633 million bu crushed in the same month last year. The figure topped an average of analyst estimates for 135.018 million bu. Soyoil stocks fell to 1.48 billion lbs as of August 31 from 1.624 a month earlier, below expectations of 1.527 billion lbs, but above last year's level of 1.214 billion lbs. Soymeal exports in August totaled 491,510 MT down from 590,582 MT a month ago, but up vs. 263,440 MT a year ago

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier left his US soybean yield estimate at 46 bpa and crop at 3.81 billion bu, unchanged from previous week

- Oil World estimated Brazil's September soybean exports at 4.0 MMT vs. 2.7 MMT a year ago

- Indonesia's Palm Oil Association said Indonesia exported 2.1 MMT of palm oil in August unchanged from a month ago

- Oil World estimated 2015 global biodiesel output at 28.95 MMT vs. previous estimate of 29.16 MMT and down 4.9% from 2014

- India imported 1.374 MMT of veg oils (edible & non-edible) in August vs. 1.501 MMT in July and vs. 1.333 MMT a year ago.

- India imported 11.565 MMT of edible veg oils in Nov 2014-Aug 2015 vs. 9.369 MMT in the same period of 2013/14

- India imported 645,653 MT of crude palm oil in August vs. 765,865 MT in July and vs. 640,072 MT a year ago

- India imported 157,942 MT of RBD palmolein in August vs. 185,357 MT in July and vs. 149,786 MT a year ago

- India imported a record high of 406,116 MT of soybean oil in August vs. 349,436 MT in July and vs. 350,373 MT a year ago

- India imported 102,568 MT of sunflower oil in August vs. 121,782 MT in July and vs. 140,349 MT a year ago

- India imported 45,294 MT of rapeseed oil in August vs. 31,134 MT in July and 25,492 MT a year ago

- India's current stock of edible oils as of September 1, 2015 at various ports is estimated at 925,000 MT (CPO 435,000 MT, RBD Palmolein 95,000 MT, Degummed Soybean Oil 240,000 MT, Crude Sunflower Oil 110,000 MT and 45,000 MT of Rapeseed (Canola) Oil) and about 1,400,000 MT in pipelines. Total stock at ports and in pipelines decreased to 2.325 MMT from 2.42 MMT a month ago, but it is well above last year's 1.82 MMT. India's monthly requirement is about 1.6 MMT