- Algeria (OAIC) bought 550,000 MT of optional-origin milling wheat in a tender last week (Sep 2), more than initially reported. Algeria has bought nearly 3 MMT of milling wheat for shipment between July and November, equivalent to almost 600,000 MT per month, which is well above what traders see as its monthly need of around 450,000 MT to meet domestic demand

- Japan will sell imported wheat to domestic millers at an average price of 56,640 yen/mt (471 $/mt) over October to March, down 5.7% from the previous six-month period (60,070 yen/mt), reflecting lower international prices

- Australia's 2015/16 wheat production will be higher than previously expected. ABARES raised its forecast of wheat crop to 25.284 MMT from previous estimate of 23.598 MMT, and now above last year's crop of 23.666 MMT

- Russian farmers have harvested 77.4 MMT of grain (incl. 52 MMT of wheat, 15.3 MMT of barley and 1.1 MMT of corn) as of September 7, down from 80.0 MMT (incl. 49.6 MMT of wheat, 18.2 MMT of barley and 1.3 MMT of corn) a year ago. Yields were at 2.57 mt/ha, down from 2.75 mt/ha a year ago

- Kazakhstan's Ag Min said Kazakhstan harvested 4.805 MMT as of September 7, up from 3.703 MMT a year ago. Yields were at 1.14 mt/ha, up from 1.05 mt/ha a year ago

- Egypt's agriculture minister resigned on Monday and was arrested on suspicion of corruption

- European Commission announced a 500 million euro ($557 million) package of measures to provide relief for farmers stung by slumping prices, triggered partly by the loss of exports to Russia due to EU sanctions against the country


- CNGOIC cut its forecast of Chinese 2015/16 corn crop by 3 MMT to 229 MMT, still a record, a rise of 6.2% from last year. Current USDA's estimate is lower - 225 MMT

- CNGOIC forecasts decrease of China's barley imports for 2015/16 (Oct-Sep) to 6.5 MMT from the 9 MMT projected for 2014/15

- CNGOIC forecasts decrease of China's sorghum imports for 2015/16 (Oct-Sep) to 7 MMT from the 10 MMT expected in the current marketing year

- ABARES raised its estimate of Australia's 2015/16 barley crop to 8.623 MMT from previous forecast of 8.249 MMT and vs. 8.014 MMT in 2014/15


- Pakistani importers have bought about 66,000 MT of Brazilian soybeans for July 2016 shipment at a premium of $46.00 over Chicago soybean futures

- China imported 7.78 MMT of soybeans in August, up 29% from a year earlier, but down 18.1% from July's record shipments. Imports over the first eight months of the year rose 9.8% to 52.39 MMT, a record high for the period

- CNGOIC forecasts decrease of China's soy imports in September to 6.47 MMT, but it would be higher than 5.03 MMT a year ago

- ABARES raised its forecast of Australia's 2015/16 rapeseed crop to 3.149 MMT from previous forecast of 2.961 MMT, but still down from 3.464 MMT in 2014/15