- Aug 5 - Egypt's GASC seeks cargos of 55-60 TMT of optional origin wheat for September 11-20 shipment

- South Korea seeks 138,000 MT of feed wheat for December

- Russian Ag Min said they will begin grain intervention tenders starting August 11, 2015. They plan on adding up to 2.0 MMT of grains to intervention stockpiles in the 2015/16 vs. 1.181 MMT in 2014/15

- Russian officials will start working on ways to change wheat export tariffs in about two weeks

- Russian farmers have harvested 43.7 MMT of grain (incl. 35.4 MMT of wheat and 5.7 MMT of barley) as of August 4, down from 52.3 MMT (incl. 40.2 MMT of wheat and 6.6 MMT of barley) a year ago. Yields were at 3.19 mt/ha, down from 3.34 mt/ha a year ago

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 22.8 MMT (89% of area) of wheat as of August 4, up from 21.0 MMT a year ago. Yields were at 3.77 mt/ha vs. 3.87 mt/ha a year ago

- Kazakhstan's Ag Min said Kazakhstan harvested 1.103 MMT as of August 5, up from 729,300 MT a year ago. Yields were at 1.69 mt/ha, up from 1.2 mt/ha a year ago

- Argentina's nearly-planted 2015/16 wheat crop is seen reaching 10-10.5 MMT, well under the 13.9 MMT that the government says was collected in the previous season


- Aug 4 - Taiwan's MFIG bought 130,000 MT of Brazilian corn at 83 US cents/bu and 87.9 c&f over the March futures contract for December-January shipment

- Aug 4 - South Korea's MFG bought 134,000 MT of optional origin corn at 187.49 $/mt and 188.36 $/mt c&f for January-February shipment

- South Korea's NOFI bought 197,000 MT of optional origin corn for Feb-Mar delivery

- Aug 5 - Japan bought 55,510 MT of feed grain (47,575 MT of barley and 7,935 MT of wheat) for January arrive via SBS-tender. New SBS tender for 120,000 tons of feed wheat and 200,000 tons of feed barley will be held on August 19

- Indonesian Feedmill Association said Indonesia was expected to import around 430,000 MT of corn from July to August. The government has allowed feedmills to receive corn shipments that arrived in Indonesia in July and early August on condition the state logistics agency supervises the process from unloading to distribution

- Brazil's July 2015 corn exports are estimated at 1.28 MMT above 136,785 TMT a month ago and 591,674 TMT a year ago

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier raised the US average corn yield projection by 1.5 bpa to 164.5 bpa (bushels per acre)

- INTL FCStone estimated US 2015 corn production at 13.381 billion bushels, with an average yield of 165.0 bushels per acre vs. USDA estimate of 13.530 billion bushels, with a yield of 166.8 bpa

- BayWa AG was buying German barley trader Evergrain to expand its international malting barley business

- Ukraine's Ag Min said Ukraine exported 2624 TMT of grain between July 1-August 4, 2015 (vs. 2363 TMT for the same period last year), including wheat – 784 TMT (vs. 974 TMT a year ago), corn – 992 TMT ( vs. 298 TMT), barley – 846 TMT (vs. 1.065 MMT) and other grains – 2 TMT (vs. 26 TMT)

- Ukrainian farmers harvested 31.2 MMT of all grains as of August 4, up from 30.4 MMT a year ago. Yields were at 3.48 mt/ha vs. 3.51 mt/ha a year ago. Farmers harvested 7.6 MMT of barley (92% of area) vs. 8.4 MMT a year ago


- Aug 12 - Egypt's FIHC seeks 40,000 MT of soybean oil and 10,000 MT of sun oil for Oct-Nov shipment

- INTL FCStone projected this year's US soybean harvest at 3.797 billion bushels and an average yield of 45.0 bpa vs. USDA estimate of 3.885 billion bushels and a yield of 46.0 bpa

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier left the US soybean yield projection unchanged at 43.5 bpa

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier forecasts Brazilian soybean acreage to increase by 3% to 5% from the previous season, raising the potential for a record crop that could surpass 100 MMT

- Brazil trade ministry data put the country's July soybean exports at 8.44 MMT up from the year earlier month's 6.04 MMT, but down from June's 9.81 MMT