- July 30 - South Korea's KFMC seeks 43,100 MT of Australian wheat (35,500 MT of standard white, protein 10.3-11% and 7,600 hard, protein min. 11.5%) for December shipment

- July 29 - Tunisia bought 84,000 MT of optional-origin soft milling wheat for Sep-Nov shipment

- Egypt's Supply Minister said the country has enough wheat stocks for the next 6.5 months. Egypt has around 5.1- 5.2 MMT of wheat in reserves

- Cheap Black Sea feed wheat replacing US, Brazil corn in animal rations in Asia. South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand have booked close to 3 MMT of wheat for shipment between July and December. In one of the latest deals in Asia, the Philippines bought 100,000 MT of Ukrainian feed wheat for shipment in Sep-Oct at around 210-220 $/mt c&f. South Korea could buy as much 1 MMT of feed wheat (a month) if prices remain competitive. Thailand has been snapping up about 150,000 MT of Black Sea feed wheat a month

- USDA attaché estimated 2015 Turkish wheat crop at a record high of 19.5 MMT, which is 1 MMT above USDA official estimate and vs. 15.25 MMT in 2014. However, there are quality problems. Strong local production will reduce import demand for all grains. Wheat imports may fall to 3.5 MMT in 2015/16 vs. 5.8 MMT in 2014/15. The Turkish Grain Board (TMO) announced 2015 grain procurement prices on June 6, 2015, with intervention prices for Anatolian Hard Red Milling (AKS) Wheat at 862 TL/MT (325 $/MT), 976 TL/MT (368 $/MT) for durum wheat, and 645 TL/MT (177 $/MT) for barley

- Russian farmers have harvested 35.4 MMT of grain (incl. 28.4 MMT of wheat and 4.1 MMT of barley) as of July 29, down from 45.4 MMT (incl. 37.2 MMT of wheat and 4.5 MMT of barley) a year ago. Yields were at 3.47 mt/ha, up from 3.43 mt/ha a year ago

- Kazakhstan's Ag Min said Kazakhstan harvested 873,500 MT as of July 30, up from 602,900 MT a year ago. Yields were at 1.72 mt/ha, up from 1.17 mt/ha a year ago


- July 29- Japan bought 2,000 MT of feed barley for Dec arrive via SBS-tender. New SBS tender for 120,000 MT of feed wheat and 200,000 MT of feed barley will be held on August 5

- South Korea's FLC bought 68,000 MT of optional origin corn in a direct deal for December-January shipment

- USDA attaché estimated 2015/16 Japanese corn imports at 14.8 MMT, which is 0.2 MMT below USDA official estimate and vs. 15 MMT in 2014/15

- USDA attaché estimated 2015 Turkish corn crop at a record high of 5.8 MMT, which is match USDA official estimate and vs. 4.8 MMT in 2014. Corn imports may fall to 1.2 MMT in 2015/16 from 2.0 MMT in 2014/15

- USDA attaché estimated 2015 Turkish barley crop at 7.4 MMT, which is 0.4 MMT above USDA official estimate and vs. 4 MMT in 2014. Barley imports are expected to fall to 50 TMT in 2015/16 from 850 TMT in 2014/15

- US Ethanol production for the week ended July 24 decreased 8,000 barrels to 965,000 barrels per day, but is still at a record high for this time of the year. Stocks rose 89,000 barrels to 19.65 million barrels vs. 18.6 million barrels a year ago


- South Korea's MFG tendered to buy up to 60,000 MT of soymeal from the US, South America or China for November

- China bought some cargos of soybeans for Aug-Sept and April

- South America's exports are on track to dominate sales to top buyer China for a record period this year